Ingrid Johnston | Chief Executive Officer
Australasian College of Road Safety

Ingrid Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Australasian College of Road Safety

Dr Ingrid Johnston is a passionate advocate for social justice and health. With an extensive network across government, academia and non-government organisations, Ingrid is an experienced and accomplished advocate and campaigner. 
Ingrid was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian College of Road Safety in May 2021 and is actively engaged in supporting the advocacy and knowledge sharing work of the College members. Ingrid is also a Director on the Board of the Climate and Health Alliance, a coalition of health care stakeholders with a mission to build a powerful health sector movement for climate action and sustainable healthcare. 


Day 1 @ 13:00

Australia's new national road safety strategy in the context of the global plan of action

Australia has recently released a new National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, just a matter of weeks after the release of the World Health Organization’s Global Plan for the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030. This presentation will look at the alignment of the two plans and the work ahead.

Day 1 @ 13:30

PANEL: Introducing 30km/h in local neighbourhoods

Day 2 @ 11:00

Climate change as a road safety issue

The transport sector both contributes to, and suffers as a result of, climate change. This has a direct impact on road trauma through increased occurrence and severity of extreme weather events, risky driving conditions, and deteriorating transport infrastructure. This presentation will look at the links between the two, and how the solutions provide a win-win.
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