An introduction to the TRUEGRID HDPE Paver System!

At TRUEGRID our mission is to reduce the Amount of Concrete and Asphalt hardstand laid on the surface of Australia by offering a fully engineered 100% permeable drive on surface for a more environmentally sustainable solution. The TRUEGRID® system is a simple, permeable paver made from 100% recycled HDPE designed for the real world. Manufactured in Australia using locally sourced industrial HDPE waste, TRUEGRID delivers a truly circular product on a commercial scale to give our customers tangible benefits and deliver long-term solutions with real-world outcomes. TRUEGRID® is a sustainable alternative to concrete and asphalt that:
1. Reduces urban flooding
2. Can carry any Vehicle load
3. Reduces pollutants from runoff in stormwater
4. Delivers cost savings against conventional paving methods
5. Enhances Tree Protection Zones
6. Improves grass car parking outcomes
7. Supports a more natural landscape
8. Improves the Urban Heat Island effect
9. Takes waste out of landfill

Pave the way to a sustainable future with the TRUEGRID HDPE Grid system