NOISE-STOP The Urban Soundproofing


NOISE-STOP® is the revolutionary soundproofing system design to fix the noisy manholes and drains covers. The special rubber is designed to adapt to all the different shapes of covers.

How does it work? Quite simply, NOISE-STOP® is inserted into the space between the frame and the cover of each manhole or drain, this acts as a shock absorber between the two parts whenever a vehicle passes over it. Basically once NOISE-STOP® is placed its effectiveness reduce the noise pollution immediately, giving as major benefit the improvement of living conditions for all residents.

Furthermore, the material NOISE-STOP® is made of is designed to withstand the various weather conditions that occur season after season. In deed NOISE-STOP® is long lasting, easy to apply and reduce cost of maintenance for the street increasing its safety. 100% Made in Italy, NOISE-STOP® has been helping several realities across the world solving the noise pollution in urban and rural areas. NOISE-STOP® was entirely invented and patented by ITG SRL, a company located in the northern part of Italy. The entirely family-run company has been designing its customers' solutions for three generations. Please visit our website for further info.
We look forward to welcoming you to our urban soundproofing world in person at our booth.