Kah Meng Lim | CEO
GeneOasis BioScientific | Singapore

Kah Meng Lim, CEO, GeneOasis BioScientific

Dr Lim has dedicated a large part of his research focus on molecular biomedicine. He is a strong advocate of cellular wellness and stem cell medicine. For over more than 20 years, he has fervently pursued his scientific interests on bioactive molecules that govern and regulate cellular pathways leading to cellular homeostasis and well-being.

Besides cellular genetics, he has actively and continuously studied epigenetic mechanisms for which good cellular health could find its basis on. 

Commercially, he has successfully developed and invested in at least 7 potentially unicorn start-up companies among his consortium the last decade. An accomplished scientist and established business leader, he was also the recipient for the Singapore award of the 10 outstanding young persons of the world in 2012.


Phar East 2020 Agenda Day Three @ 09:00

Panel: Bio-Entrepreneur Journey – Trials and Tribulations on the Path to Success

last published: 09/Dec/20 03:45 GMT

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