Sanjay Dharwadker | Expert
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) | Netherlands

Sanjay Dharwadker, Expert, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Sanjay Dharwadker has over thirty years’ experience in identity and identification across Asia, Africa and Europe. His current assignments include consulting for various United Nations agencies on legal identity, civil registration and national ID programs.
Earlier for the World Bank he worked on strategies for unique identification numbers, health identifiers and electronic birth certificates. For ICAO he has helped draft the Guidance for evidence of identity and continues to work for the ICBWG. He is also a member of ISO and CEN/TC technical standardization committees, that includes work on travel documents, virtual identity as well as birth certificate standards.
He was also a member of the Technical Advisory Group in the Global Partnership for Sustainable Developmental Data working closely with the UN Legal Identity expert group.
He is a participant at The Hague Colloquium on the future of legal identity and writes regularly on the subject.

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