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Stand Rules & Regulations


  • Build height restrictions

    • Adjacent stands

      • Stands of 12sqm or less should build no higher than 3m

        • Stands above 12sqm may build higher than 3m. Please note that 4m+ is deemed complex (see “Complex Structures” below)

      • Island stands

        • Only single storey stands are permitted this year. Please refer to “Island Stands” and “Rigging” notes below for further details.

    • Complex Structures

      • Stands deemed to be complex will require sign off from the structural engineer at an additional fee. These include:

      • Any part of a stand or exhibit which exceeds four metres in height.

        • Anything deemed by the organiser to be a complex structure

          • Plans for complex stands must be submitted with a thorough method statement and sequence of works which clearly demonstrates that the build can be achieved in the build time frame available.

            • Platforms and stages 600mm high and above

          • Any structure, regardless of its height, which requires structural calculations

          • Custom-built/bespoke suspended structures

  • Dividing Walls

    • On adjacent stand sites, you are responsible for erecting and decorating dividing walls facing onto your stand area to a minimum height of 2.4m.

    • Walls above 2.4m must be clad and finished on both sides, with the reverse side being decorated from 2.4m upwards by the Exhibitor who has erected them.

    • Such walls overlooking adjacent stands must be finished in plain white only. No branding is permitted on the reverse of a shared wall.

    • The minimum height for dividing walls is 2.4m.

  • Pop up stands

    • Pop up stands may be used on raw space only stands but may not be used as a dividing wall with an adjacent stand. You must order a separate dividing wall to a minimum height of 2.4m

  • Island stands:

    • At least 50% of each stand side facing onto an aisle must remain open (or fitted with transparent material).

    • If a wall is 4m or more in length and facing onto an aisle, it must be stepped back by a minimum of 1m into the stand

    • Extensive walling facing an aisle must be dressed with graphics, screens etc

  • Rigging:

    • If any rigged structures are higher than your dividing back walls the following must be adhered to

    • Structures with no branding facing the dividing wall must be stepped in at least 0.5m from the dividing wall.

      • Please note that banners/ signage is not permitted to be rigged higher than 6m (from the top of banner/ signage). Truss can be rigged to a maximum of 7m to the top however any branding/ signage off this needs to be at a maximum height of 6m to the top.

        • Structure with branding facing the dividing wall must be stepped in at least 1m from the dividing wall.

  • Equality Act

    • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to remove all barriers to service and make their stand accessible to wheelchair users to comply with The Equality Act. Whatever the content of the stand is it needs to be accessible to all.





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