Eutelsat OneWeb

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At Eutelsat OneWeb, we’re on a mission to deliver space-based connectivity on earth. As the world’s first GEO-LEO integrated satellite group, we’re transforming the space communications and connectivity market. By offering customers a unique blend of GEO and LEO technologies, we are now more than ever better equipped to bridge the digital divide in all corners of the globe.
Our powerful GEO fleet will combine network density and high throughput with the low latency and ubiquity of our low Earth orbit constellation to offer customers global, fully integrated connectivity services to keep businesses, colleagues, families and friends connected on the move, no matter where they are, or how and where they are travelling.
We’re working with world class industry partners to create certified solutions to connect the world’s major transportation and logistics networks. From aircraft in the sky to ships at sea, from the smartest cities to the remotest roads, from autonomous vehicles to delivery drones – we’re connecting passengers, crew, vehicles and vessels.
No matter where you’re travelling Eutelsat OneWeb will keep you connected, productive, entertained and efficient.



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