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CyberShield (CS-Consulting GmbH) stands as a premier Industrial Cybersecurity Service Company headquartered in Germany. Adhering to best practices is our default approach, with our team's leading figures routinely contributing to the development of industry standards such as CENELEC TS 50701 and IEC 63452.

At CyberShield, we serve as your comprehensive solution provider, guiding you through the entire Secure Design process of Railway Systems. Our expertise extends seamlessly to Verification & Validation activities, ensuring the ongoing secure operation of your system. To further empower our clients, we offer tailor-made Cybersecurity training programs crafted by our experts specifically for railway personnel. Additionally, our role-based course on Security Engineering for Railway Systems (based on TS 50701) equips your team with the necessary skills and knowledge.

No matter the challenge you face, CyberShield is dedicated to delivering qualitative and pragmatic solutions that meet your needs effectively.


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