Henri Pottier | Vice President Asia-Pacific
RATP Dev Asia-Pacific | United Kingdom

Henri Pottier, Vice President Asia-Pacific, RATP Dev Asia-Pacific

Henri Pottier has been Vice-President Asia Pacific for RATP Dev since July 2019. He joined RATP Dev in 2014 as Deputy Director of the Business Unit Asia-Middle East and North Africa and was in charge of the performance of the metro line 9 of Seoul (600,000 daily passengers) from 2017 to 2019.
Henri Pottier has a proven track record of management and business development in public transport (metro and bus operations) and has delivered projects in major Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Seoul and Macau. He is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), Imperial College London and University College of London.
RATP Dev is a public transport operator, member of RATP Group, the world-leader of driverless metro. RATP Dev is present in 12 countries in varied modes of transportation.


Asia Pacific Rail 2020 - Day 2 @ 13:50

Metro leaders’ panel: Achieving operational excellence

  • Cost- and operationally-efficient methods of increasing capacity
  • From off-the-shelf to collaborative solutions: Driving innovation to solve the problem of crowded lines
  • Identifying and addressing the barriers to efficient use of networks
  • New technology deployment in metro lines
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