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Since 1908 the GERB group is the leading supplier of vibration isolation systems for machines, buildings and railway systems. Our elastic support systems are applied forapplications such as presses, forging hammers, power plant equipment, TMDs or even entire  buildings. GERB’s  scope  of  services also includes consultation,  vibration measurements, on-site inspection, full civil engineering and supervision or installation worldwide.

For the application Trackbed Isolation, the elastic support systems from GERB in the form of coil springs made from steel or technically high-quality polyurethanes reduce the transfer of ground-borne noise and vibrations of train traffic, regardless where they are  deployed,  inside  buildings  or  in  nearby  areas.  They  are  appreciated  and recommended by experts throughout the world as being efficient and reliable systems for vibration isolation. Attenuation  systems  from  GERB  are  deployed  in  tunnels,  at  grade  sections  and elevated tracks. Thanks to the large variety of available systems, requirements of each installation can be met for all rail systems.


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