Lawrence Soon | Founder
One science

Lawrence Soon, Founder, One science

Lawrence Soon, the founder and director of One Science, brings nearly a decade of experience in the scientific field to the forefront. With a focus on practical innovation, Lawrence set out on a journey that culminated in the establishment of a scientific marketplace in Singapore in 2023. One Science reflects Lawrence's dedication to simplifying the process for scientific and laboratory users to access essential products and services. Starting his career as a product specialist in a reputable scientific distributor company in Malaysia, Lawrence quickly rose to the role of a product manager in Singapore. This early experience equipped him with not just technical expertise, but also a keen understanding of the commercial aspects of the industry. Transitioning to a role as a technical sales specialist at Sartorius Biologix, Lawrence further honed his skills, specializing in capital equipment. This role provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the structure of a corporate.  Motivated by a desire to streamline access to cutting-edge scientific resources, Lawrence founded One Science. Through his steadfast commitment and leadership, he aims to position One Science as the go-to platform for scientific and laboratory professionals, offering tailored solutions to meet their diverse needs. Beyond his professional pursuits, Lawrence is passionate about collaboration and knowledge sharing. He actively participates in mentorship programs and industry forums, contributing to the growth and innovation of the scientific community. As Lawrence continues to explore new avenues and push the boundaries of scientific discovery, his legacy as a forward-thinking leader remains rooted in his dedication to practical solutions and positive impact. Connect with Lawrence to join him on a journey of innovation and exploration that breaks barriers and unlocks endless possibilities


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