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Overcoming market volatility: How to put your cross-border business in the best position for 2023

Feb 22, 2023 14:00 (GMT +8)

Businesses today are increasingly looking to explore and sell into new international markets to grow their business. But operating a cross-border business comes with a plethora of challenges and potential concerns for finance teams working across or selling into multiple markets.


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Delivering and growing your advisory services in an increasingly borderless world

JUL 21, 2022 14:00 (GMT +8)

The pandemic years have completely transformed the way that accounting and bookkeeping firms can deliver advisory services for their clients. Agile and dynamic practices can now deliver for their clients from wherever they are, and this has opened up a significant opportunity for accounting and bookkeeping firms to support clients in a wider range of markets, offering borderless advisory services.


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How automation is sparking the next generation of collections teams

MAY 12, 2022 14:00 (GMT +8)

Finance automation technology is breathing fresh life into traditional finance teams and as it becomes increasingly more capable of streamlining manual finance processes there is an opportunity for CFOs to reap more than just time saving benefits. During this 1-hour panel session we bring together a panel of finance leaders to discuss how collections technology is influencing the next generation of collections teams and increasing their team’s productivity and efficiency.


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CFO of the future: Supercharging finance-led growth with technology in fast-growing businesses

APR 20, 2022 14:00 (GMT +8)

The role of the CFO today is vastly different from that of the past. Over recent years, there has been much talk of it becoming a role less of finance, and more of strategy. The CFOs of today’s fast-growing businesses are empowered by technology, but need to work tactically to harness that strength to steer their business towards its growth goals.

In this one-hour insightful and interactive panel discussion, you will hear from CFOs and finance leaders from a range of industries as they share their predictions for the future of their role, and how CFOs need to be operating now to supercharge growth.


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Finance: 4.0: How technology is helping finance teams to evolve and tackle more complex tasks

MAR 23, 2022 14:00 (GMT +8)

The finance technology now available to finance teams is greatly impacting traditional accounting roles. The potential to automate entire accounting processes allows finance leaders to focus their resources on more strategic and complex business tasks. In conjunction with Nintex, we bring you a panel discuss where finance leaders from across APAC discuss how they have leveraged digital technologies within their own finance teams and share the benefits they have seen.
By shining a spotlight on the specific processes that can be transformed to assist you in evolving your team, this one-hour discussion will cover where and how technology streamlines your processes to transform and boost the output of your finance team.


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Digital strategies to enhance cashflow management and forecasting

FEB 16, 2022 14:00 (GMT +8)

As the technology available to finance teams becomes increasingly powerful, with the potential to automate entire processes, we bring together a panel of finance leaders to discuss how their businesses have leveraged digital strategies to enhance their cashflow management and forecasting.
By shining a spotlight on the processes around cashflow and forecasting, this one-hour discussion will cover where how technology can assist you in streamlining your processes.


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Cybersecurity: The role of HR, Finance, IT and software providers in securing company data

Nov 25, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

Join us in this interactive one-hour webinar panel discussion where you will have the chance to hear from Finance, HR & IT leaders from a range of industries on how they have tackled the biggest cybersecurity challenges affecting businesses today.

The expert panel will share how they have worked to secure their company data, and how they have worked with their technology partners and software providers to leverage the support and security that they can offer.


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Selling Accounting Services in Virtual Environments

Oct 26, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

As many firms have been forced now to interact with their clients virtually, it's important to build the care around those interactions. Since the intimate in-person interaction is no longer possible, then there are ways firms can walk clients through a process to prepare their clients for pricing and services. We'll discuss the journey clients can go through to work with your firm, and then how you can price them in effective virtual ways.


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Agile Finance: What large corporations can learn from lean start-ups

May 27, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

Evidence shows that an agile finance function will make better use of capital and provide better support for the business by being a much stronger position to identify and drive growth opportunities*. Agile finance is something that fast-growing start-ups excel in. Therefore we have brought together a selection of agile experts to share with you on how you can create a more agile mindset and strategy, whether you’re in a large corporation or a lean start-up.


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How far can we push the digital transformation of finance processes

May 19, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

As the technology available to finance teams becomes increasingly powerful, with the potential to automate entire processes, we bring together a panel of finance leaders to discuss how far digitalisation could potentially go.
By shining a spotlight on the processes around accounts receivables and collections, this one-hour discussion will cover where technology could take us to, both now and in the future.


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Go Beyond The Digital CFO: Navigating the current climate and remain future-ready through Finance Technology Adoption

May 12, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

Join us for this one-hour session for the chance to hear from our panel of Hong Kong’s leading enterprise CFOs on how their adoption of finance technologies over the years has enabled them to carve a path during the past year and continues to ensure they remain future ready for the years ahead.


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3 Steps to marketing your accounting practice

May 11, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

Good marketing pays for itself and when you're doing it well, you can be sure that your accounting practice will receive a continual flow of new clients and reach its growth targets. Finding new clients during COVID-19 can be challenging because many things have changed and now more than ever before firms need to harness the power of digital marketing.
During this one-hour live and information packed webinar, the marketing experts at Intuit QuickBooks will uncover the winning marketing tactics you need know in order to drive practice profits and get the most out of your marketing spend in 2021.


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The changing landscape of expense management

Mar 18, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

Join us for this one hour live and interactive webinar, which will bring together a range of finance leaders who will share their insights and experience on how they have streamlined their businesses’ expense management processes and liberated their finance teams from a ton of manual processes. We bring you this webinar in partnership with our sponsor, ITILITE. 


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Go Beyond Panel Discussion: CFO top priorities in 2021 and beyond

Feb 24, 2021 14:00 (GMT +8)

This one hour, interactive panel session will bring together a range of finance leaders to share their experiences and perspectives on how the finance functions of large enterprises will continue to evolve now and beyond, and how finance leaders should approach their planning and forecasting to drive recovery and growth.


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How collections teams are getting paid faster with automation

Nov 18, 2020 17:00 (GMT +8)

During this webinar, our panel of finance experts will share their experiences of streamlining collections within their own business, with practical advice that can help you to review your own processes.You will also hear from Nissim Ohayon, Gaviti’s Head of Sales. Gaviti provide a software solution to map out your receivable collection process and improve it over time, and Nissim will share a success stories from his clients and experiences of helping businesses to automate their AR.


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COVID-19 Resilience Budget: How to access support for your SME

April 1, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

Last week Singapore's DPM and Minister for Finance, Mr Heng Swee Keat announced the Supplementary Budget 2020, known as Singapore's Resilience Budget. The additional support has been designed to help business owners tackle immediate challenges across the three Cs - cash flow, cost and credit. This webinar will bring together a panel of experts to help you to identify how the Resilience Budget can support your business to pull through during this difficult time.


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How will COVID-19 transform the future of work?

April 7, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

While the coronavirus pandemic is having an enormous economic and business impact, it has also created a major remote working experiment. Our panel will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges this situation has created for their business so far, and share their predictions on some of the learnings that could shape the future of work forever.

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Cloud: Creating access to your core finance & HR systems anywhere at any time

April 15, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

Using cloud-based accounting and HR applications gives you access to your figures and employee data anytime, anywhere. This has never been more valuable than now. We have brought together a panel of experts who have effectively implemented cloud platforms within their business or accounting firm.


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How to run your accountancy practice without an office

April 29, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

Over the coming weeks, it's likely that wherever your accounting firm is based you will be doing things remotely. This extreme change to the day to day running of your firm is bound to have thrown up some challenges, and our expert panel is here to help. They will also be on hand to get you thinking about the ways in which you can turn the time into opportunity. You'll hear perspectives from a range of firms, and gain their insight and experience on how to get your team and your tech set up so that you can transition into this new way of working as seamlessly as possible and develop your firm for the future.


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HR Technology in the market and what it can do for your business now

May 6, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

There is a large and growing range of HR Technology solutions available across the Asia market, from core HR management systems through to a vast array of talent tech. With government support supporting the adoption of these technologies to drive up productivity and an ever-increasing need for businesses to have effective software while they run remotely through the Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to review the HR tools available in the market to ensure you have the right selection in place for your business. Our panel of experts will discuss which are the most needed tools for businesses of today and the questions to ask yourself to identify which of those available in the market would best suit your business and help to support you through this time.


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Building confidence for Finance & Accounting teams with technology during these uncertain times

May 13, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

Many Finance & Accounting (F&A) professionals rely on traditional manual accounting processes to close their books with a reliance on spreadsheets, tribal knowledge and in-person communication in a normal environment. Changing tax incentives, evolving regulation, and the competitive business environment further adds to the challenges of the finance team. Today, F&A teams are asked to work from home in a bid by governments to contain the COVID-19 outbreak while being tasked to look into other areas of the business due to these changes. This creates additional challenges, increasing work and complexity for already busy F&A teams. Hence, building your F&A team’s confidence during these uncertain times is crucial and this session will discuss a range of best practice solutions.

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HR leadership in the eye of the storm

May 20, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

For business leaders, organisation transformation is typically a controlled plan of timelines, phases and milestones. Yet, crisis forces change, some drastic, some unprecedented, but always accelerated. Today, our employees have a different set of fears and struggles to cope with. HR’s role in the core business strategy is critical: We have the power to influence, motivate and navigate the organization through this situation, leveraging humanity, enabled by technology and the power of data. Join us in this session as we discuss how we are leading change. Our panel will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges this situation has created for their business and the strategies they are undertaking to outpace change.


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Modern Finance: Equipping Future Leaders With Financial Insights

May 27, 2020 15:00 (GMT +8)

Today’s CFO faces waves of challenges and complexity on navigating financial needs and risks for businesses. Everyone is scrambling to keep up and get creative: re-prioritize, find new efficiencies, do more with less.


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Achieving competitive advantage and driving competency during the digital age

June 17, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

Our expert panel will discuss the changing competencies needed to adapt and assume this new role in a digital age and help you to identify which of your skills, and those of your team, will become more important and which will become less so.


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How cloud ERP can help financial management and planning in the face of uncertainty

June 24, 2020 14:00 (GMT +8)

Our expert panel will share how finance leaders can implement or leverage cloud ERP solutions to support them in navigating the months and years ahead, and how they themselves have maximised the technology to help them to keep up with their workload and to advise and support their businesses.


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