Tyler Caskey | Partner

Tyler Caskey, Partner, TheBeanCounters

I love taking the risk out of businesses changing their systems and processes.

My goal is to reduce the time cost for finance, HR, payroll and IT professionals to deliver outstanding service to their team members. This is achieved by hunting down and automating manual processes, installing better systems, and redesigning how information is gathered.

On average I can cut 40% of the time cost out of most finance and payroll teams within 12 months. And with the 40% saved time they can significantly reduce error rates and start to show their true value.

Or, in resume language...

Tyler is an experienced Accounting Partner & CFO with a demonstrated track record of improving or maintaining high performance finance, HR, payroll, and IT functions. He is skilled at developing sustainable processes and installing systems to optimise business performance and reporting. Coupled with a history of intensive automation or eradication of low value tasks to enable lean and efficient processes.

Tyler has a true focus on delivering stakeholder information in significantly faster than average time frames, using optimal technology to ensure all finance functions are maximising its value to a business. Multiple installations of the day 1 month-end reporting methodology, and extensive experience in the creation of live financial & non-financial reporting using PowerBI and other reporting intelligence tools.

Tyler has a relentless continuous improvement mindset and work ethic, with an ability to redesign and analyse processes across multiple parts of the businesses.

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