Two Drunk Accountants share some great interviews on the ground at Accounting Business Expo 2024. They have some great chats with folks including Sabby Gill CEO of Dext, Joyce Ong founder of Tax Nuggets Academy, Kate Shanahan founder of Brief, Ned Appleton from FYI docs, Clare Leighton founder of Bluesheets, Sally Simmons from Cloudstaff, Tom from IPA and Nathan the next man on the street!



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Live from Accounting Business Expo 2024 Melbourne day 2. Two Drunk Accountants are chatting all things Advisory. How to get started on your advisory journey and how it will help you 'Improve your Coinage'



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Tim & Dan, from Two Drunk Accountants present live from day 1 of Accounting Business Expo Melbourne 2024.



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Mark Macduffie

Founder, Downsizer

Founder of Fintech Awards & Fintech Summit, Glen Frost engages Mark Macduffie, Founder of Downsizer for an interesting discussion on the current disruption in the Home Loans, Fintech and Proptech sectors at the Accounting Business Expo in Melbourne.


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Sophie De Vreese

Head of Partnerships, Expensify

Helping to spread Expensify's innovations in Expense Management across the APAC region and beyond, Sofie is a highly motivated, energetic and driven individual, with a great track record in working with cross functional teams and large client groups.

Her expertise in marketing, sales and customer management has helped her consistently meet and exceed the challenges of rolling out and growing Expensify in the Asia Pacific region. Sofie has a natural passion for travel, people, different cultures including languages and am fluent in English, Dutch and French.


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Lucas Finch

Global Head of Wellbeing, Xero

The pandemic, working remotely, and the strain on both physical and mental health has made wellbeing in the workplace a prime consideration.


Lucas Finch - Global Head of Wellbeing at Xero, the cloud-based accounting software company - talks to Sean Aylmer about the wellbeing challenges facing businesses in the post-COVID world.


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Annie Le Cavalier

Director, Strategic Growth Programs, Stone & Chalk

We've heard some great stories of the lengths founders go to to get their businesses off the ground. But how do they take that next step? How do they scale up?


Annie Le Cavalier is the Director of Strategic Growth Programs at Stone and Chalk - Australia’s largest innovation community. She talks to Sean about the benefits of working with an organisation like Stone and Chalk - from assistance accessing funding, to mentors who can help a business to grow.


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Anu Muralidharan

Chief Operating Officer, Expensify

Managing expenses isn't exactly glamorous. But this Nasdaq-listed company has streamlined the process - and businesses around the world are loving it.


Anu Muralidharan, Chief Operating Officer of Expensify, talks to Sean Aylmer from the US about the social conscience that has driven the company since its very beginning. Expensify will be participating in the Accounting Business Expo on the 14th and 15th of March in Melbourne, which is a supporter of this podcast.


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Damien Greathead

Head of Marketing, Intuit Australia

Most businesses use accountants and bookkeepers - but could SMEs be using them more effectively?


Sean Aylmer talks to Damien Greathead, Head of Marketing at Intuit Australia - the makers of cloud accounting software Quickbooks - about the true value of a good accountant - and the surprising services they can provide.


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Andy Hiscox

Chief Executive Officer, Netstock Australia

The last few years have seen intense pressure on global supply chains. But that pressure is now easing. So are we back to normal - or just adapting to a new way of operating?


Sean Aylmer speaks to Andy Hiscox, the CEO of Netstock Australia - a leader in supply chain planning.


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Daniel West 

Chief Sales & Support Officer, MYOB

Anyone in business knows that now, more than ever, there is so much power in data.


The systems we use and the information that we capture can bring great insight into how well business are operating and what we can do better.


MYOB Australia Chief Sales and Support Officer Daniel West talks to Sean Aylmer about the power of data and "the journey to good digitisation"


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Diana Mousina

Australia Senior Economist, AMP

Inflation jumped sharply last quarter, exceeding marketing expectations. So what does this mean now for the Reserve Bank Board meeting?


AMP Australia Senior Economist Diana Mousina talks to Sean Aylmer about whether we could see a rate rise.



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