You don’t know what you don’t know!


Every industry is undergoing change to some degree.

The accountancy profession and the business behind accounting and finance is undergoing more change than most.

Staying on top of the latest developments, new trends, digital products, services and innovations that are redefining the way you work has never been more important.

Accounting Business Expo is the best place for you and your team to gain a panoramic view of everything that’s new, what is coming next in your profession and how you can optimise the tools/software you’re using already.

Registrations to attend are open!

The expo: the best digital solutions at your fingertips!


With so many new products and new players coming to market continuously, it’s hard to keep up with what’s new and what’s next. We’ve handpicked 100+ of the Australia's best companies to ensure you get to see and learn about the best products and services in the marketplace. You’ll be surprised at what you uncover.

Work smarter not harder: boost your career development by attending product demos, arrange 1-to-1 meetings with sellers to make informed decisions on who you want to partner, and it's all under one roof. 

#1 for success

An entire exhibition dedicated to helping you modernise/digitise the finance function of your business, optimise workflow, enhance the client experience and maximise profits!

It’s on your terms

Accounting Business Expo brings all the leading industry suppliers together in one room. This is your chance to knock out your catch-ups and account reviews in two efficient days. Plan ahead and you’ll put valuable time back in your calendar.

Take control

The creators and teams behind the digital solutions on the exhibition floor are experts in their domain. Take this chance to leverage their knowledge and explore their solutions.