Trent Yesberg | Director
Regional Business Services

Trent Yesberg, Director, Regional Business Services

Trent Yesberg is the Director of Award-winning Bookkeeping Firm, Regional Business Services in Townsville, and also owner of Yes Property and Finance – a Business focussed Real Estate and Business Broker.  His career covers Commercial Banking & Finance Broking, BAS Agent, Training and Consulting and Business Real Estate. As part of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network, Trent is in a privileged position to experience the best insights, first hand user experiences and upcoming features for Quickbooks.


Day 1 @ 13:30

Panel: Business of bookkeeping

Panel: Business of Bookkeeping

  • Business models of bookkeepers
  • Scope of expanding services
  • The evolving role and perceptions
  • The Crossover between Accountants, Coaches and Bookies
  • The Future with Ai/continual Software Development and ATO “Tech improvement”

Day 1 @ 14:30

Panel: Lets talk about ABC - Accountants, Bookkeepers and Chat GPT

Day 1 @ 15:00

Panel: Practice Management - Building the Modern Practice

In the dynamic realm of accounting, where regulations evolve, technology reshapes processes, and client expectations shift, building a modern practice in Australia has never been more pivotal. As the financial landscape undergoes transformation, the role of accountants has transcended traditional bookkeeping and compliance tasks. Today, a modern accounting practice in Australia embraces innovation, technology integration, proactive advisory, and a deep understanding of local regulations to deliver exceptional value to clients. 

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