Myreeann Tchopourian | Founder & Managing Director
Chisholm Business Services

Myreeann Tchopourian, Founder & Managing Director, Chisholm Business Services

I am the founder and Managing Director of our company - Chisholm Business Services Pty Ltd. This company evolved from Chisholm Bookkeeping Services which we started in 2004, when I realised that bookkeeping really was something I was going to be doing for the rest of my working life.  So as well as being a wife, a mum, an auntie and all round super woman (aren't we all) I am commonly referred to around the office as "Boss Lady". I work with all our clients in one aspect or another. Most of them have come to us via word of mouth referrals, we have a very broad range of industries that we cover and every client has different needs and wants. I come from a Compliance background, doing things the right way is ingrained in my personality and shows through in the work we do. The people who work with us are all like-minded, this makes working together easier as we ultimately have the same goals for our clients and ourselves.  We specialise in a couple of things – one is Rescue Missions and the other is Payroll. Rescue Missions because I love a challenge, we get great satisfaction out of digging someone out of their bookkeeping and accounting mess by taking control of the piles of paper, helping them introduce practices and procedures that will ultimately save time and money.  We provide information and training to ensure that the clients are able to operate according to the various legislation related to their industry, as well as sorting out their Payroll, GST, Fair Work and PAYG issues as required. To be able to help a business owner overcome difficult situations is what we love to do. Payroll is my personal love, I love its complexity, it’s challenges and the ever-changing landscape of the industry. I enjoy working with clients from many different industry groups including Not for Profits, they all have differing levels of complexity and can be very challenging at times.


Day 1 @ 15:00

Panel: What is in a name?

 A discussion about selecting a business name and changing business structures (sole trader to company)

How do I go about choosing a name?  Do I use my name?  Should I include the word "Bookkeeper or BAS Agent?  Who am I pitching to?  Is that name too serious? Or is it too silly?  Am I going to outgrow that name?  Do I need a logo? 

Day 2 @ 11:30

Panel: Payroll challenges, obstacles, opportunities: risks and rewards

  • Payroll Administration
  • What are the requirements for outsourcing payroll 
  • Legal and Award requirements
  • Opportunities  
  • Lodge & Pay planning
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