Matthew Karpanen | Chief Executive Officer
Navigate Advisors

Matthew Karpanen, Chief Executive Officer, Navigate Advisors

A Chartered Accountant with over 25 years’ experience, Matthew Karpanen is the CEO of Navigate Advisors with inhouse expertise in Financial Planning, Accounting, Advisory Services, Mortgage Broking, Business Coaching and Digital Dashboards.  Passionate about their Why of "Everyone deserves a fulfilling life", he is extremely proud of the positive impact Navigate has with all their stakeholders. Not just their team and clients, but the community they live and work within. Navigate has experienced rapid growth in the last five years with revenue increasing by 89% and EBIT by an incredible 129%. That type of growth is directly related to both their digital dashboards and values driven culture. The team at Navigate live and breathe their values and all work together to drive the business forward. Hearing from Matthew about the way these factors combine to be greater than the sum of the parts is compelling listening. Navigate has been working with digital dashboards that have revolutionised the hustle factor within their firm and those of some of the other industry leaders attending Accounting Business Expo. Come along and learn what keeping your finger on the pulse can mean for you. Here's a hint - being supported by your team with passion about the mutual success you all have created - now isn’t that something we all want to be a part of!


Day 2 @ 14:00

Dashboard & Culture - how to fastrack your growth

last published: 02/Mar/24 11:25 GMT

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