Kelly Berger | Director
Business Simplicity and Bookkeepers Support

Kelly Berger, Director, Business Simplicity and Bookkeepers Support

Kelly wears multiple hats and believes in team work. She has been on quite the rollercoaster ride the last few years building each business to where they are today.  Each with their own challenges teaching her and the team to be adaptable throughout this journey. Her focus lies on getting the work done, minimising errors, meeting deadlines and ensuring each and every job meets the required standard. 

Business Simplicity – BAS Agent and Management Accountant 
Berger Transport – Tipper Truck hire Melbourne 
The Devils Workshop – Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Antiques – repairs, restoration, customisation and fabrication 
Bookkeepers Support – Education through tutorials, Youtube videos, Workshops, Retreats as well as Mentoring, Coaching and Supporting hundreds of bookkeepers at any point of their journey 

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