Greg Valles | Managing Director
Valles Accountants

Greg Valles, Managing Director, Valles Accountants

Greg Valles, Managing Director of Valles Accountants, acquired a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and worked at the Australian Taxation Office for more than 15 years.

Valles Accountants includes a team of Chartered Accountants by profession, active crypto investors and true believers in the future of public blockchains. We have been involved in the cryptocurrency space since late 2015 and have endured the crypto rollercoaster through the highs of 2017, where we assisted many of the local Australia ICOs through the complex taxation issues surrounding coin raises and the preparation of financials for teams primarily relying on crypto transactions.

We are cutting edge Accountants in the Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, DeFi, gaming and DAO field. We act for clients such as Chainflip, Oxen, Leading professors from top universities, leaders that contribute to the Bragg Senate Report and many more clients in the Blockchain Crypto space – also DeFi and NFT’s. We also advise on treasury matters both nationally and internationally.

We pride ourselves in having produced audited General Purpose Financial Statements for crypto not-for-profits during the crypto bull market and calculating crypto gains for traders with tens of thousands of transactions.

We have and continue to assist our clients with several ICO’s – at the US$20 million level. We prepare financials and assist in strong tax advice to several Cryptocurrency clients. We actively liaise with Blockchain Australia and have been sponsors to Blockchain conferences. We continue to liaise with high ranking ATO Officials in relation to Cryptocurrency policies. And continue to provide cryptocurrency tax advice to our clients.

Greg has grown his experience and has great networks in all facets of business, government in Federal, State & Local, and institutional at Corporate and Banking levels. Greg provides high-level consultancy for large projects ranging from $150-211 million in the Agricultural, Oil & Gas and Coal spaces. He creates proposals for investors, banks and other external bodies, whilst ensuring all legal frameworks are addressed, and applies his accounting, entrepreneurial and practical skills to ensure the project is de-risked and palatable.

On a personal note, Greg is a board member and Treasurer of Outside The Locker Room, a board member of To Be Loved, has been short-listed for a Corporate Advisory of the Year for Blockchain Australia 2021, and an advocate of Starlight Children’s Foundation and Liberty Victoria.


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