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Greg Russo, Principal Solicitor Accredited Specialist - Wills and Estates, Greg Russo Law

Greg Russo has almost 30 years’ experience in succession planning, administration and litigation and is one of Victoria’s most experienced and respected succession law solicitors. With a background in pure mathematics, Greg not only understands the implications of planning decisions on future taxation, SMSF, trust and estate administration, he is also able to break down complex concepts and structures logically and explain options to clients in a way that empowers them to take positive action and ownership for their decisions. Using the knowledge and insights that he has acquired over three decades, he crafts unique solutions to complex succession problems. Greg teaches both mathematics and law, regularly presents CPD succession events to solicitors, accountants and other professionals in Victoria, Queensland, and online. Greg is an LIV Wills & Estates Accredited Specialist, a chairperson of the LIV Specialist Accreditation Education Advisory Committee, a board member of the Mount Eliza  Community Bank, a member of STEP, and is recognised in Doyle’s Guide, in Victoria, as a Leading Wills and Estates Litigation Lawyer and a Leading Wills, Estates and Succession Planning Lawyer. 


Day 2 @ 14:00

Death, taxes and estate planning:Some of the basics that tax advisors should know

    me of the basics that tax advisors should know….

  •     Will validity and dying without a Will – what it means
  •     What assets can’t be dealt with by a will.
  •     Probate and estate administration
  •     The role of executors
  •     Death and taxes 

    Accountants need to know enough about wills and estate administration to be able to point their clients in the right direction when a client (or a member of a client’s family) loses capacity or dies.  They also need to be able to forward plan to address the change in asset ownership and control that accompanies death loss of capacity.  

    This session is designed to give accountants and other tax advisers some tips to assist them when working with these issues.

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