Darin Tyson-Chan | Publisher, Editor
Benchmark Media

Darin Tyson-Chan, Publisher, Editor, Benchmark Media

Darin is the founder and publisher of Benchmark Media, an independent publishing house whose mastheads include selfmanagedsuper, smstrusteenews, and financialobserver. He has been covering the financial services space since 2004 and in this time he has worked for a variety of trade publications including Money Management, and IFA magazine. Darin has also written for the Money section published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Prior to starting Benchmark Media Darin was responsible for the re-launch of SMSF magazine in 2008 under Morningstar Media, a pioneering publication in the fastest-growing sector of the superannuation industry, and an initiative that made him the first journalist to be purely dedicated to the space. He was also managing editor of all of the Morningstar Media mastheads. In 2013 Darin was the inaugural winner of the SMSF Association’s Trade Journalist of the Year award.


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