Alyse Sue | Director of Metaverse

Alyse Sue, Director of Metaverse, KPMG

Alyse Sue is Director of Metaverse at KPMG, where she builds new business models based on emerging tech. She is also cofounder of Transhuman Coin, a decentralised finance startup. Alyse has worked in emerging tech including AI and blockchain for over 10 years as a software developer, consultant and startup founder. Alyse is recognised as a notable figure in crypto by LinkedIn and Cointelegraph. Alyse is a sought after keynote speaker on web3, metaverse, AI and transhumanism.


Day 1 @ 14:30

From T accounts to distributed ledgers: how web3 and blockchain is disrupting accounting A

last published: 02/Mar/24 11:25 GMT

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