Upendra Marathi | Chief Executive Officer
7 Hills Pharma LLC

Upendra Marathi, Chief Executive Officer, 7 Hills Pharma LLC

Upendra Marathi, PhD, MBA is the CEO and a co-founder of 7 Hills Pharma.  He is an inventor of their first-in-concept technology and a significant investor in the company. He has led the development of three novel pain and cardiovascular drugs, including one recently approved by the FDA. He co-developed one of the first genetically modified stem cells to improve bone marrow function in chemotherapeutic patients.  As a venture capitalist, he was involved in the founding and launch of several biotechnology companies.  He has helped raise over $64 million in equity financing.  Upendra was a post-doctoral fellow at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and earned a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Loyola University Chicago.  Upendra has an M.B.A. from Rice University and has served as a faculty member.


WVIC/WAC Pre-Congress Workshops - Nov 28 @ 14:00

Workshop A [Room: Constellation A]

2pm: Chair opening remarks: Rebecca Kurnat M.S., Head of Product, SaponiQx

Presentations: 2.10pm – 4.00pm:

Using synthetic biology in adjuvant technology & creating a pipeline of vaccine adjuvants

Dr John Baldoni, Head of Science, SaponiQx

Next generation TLR agonists & RIG-I as adjuvants

Dr Steve Reed, CEO, HDT Bio

An oral adjuvant to augment vaccine effectiveness

Dr Upendra Marathi, President & CEO, 7Hills Pharma

Long-lasting germinal center responses to a priming immunization with continuous proliferation and somatic mutation

Dr Harry Sutton, Post-doctoral Fellow, Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research, LaJolla Institute for Immunology

4.00-5:00pm Q&A and Panel Discussion with all speakers

  • What are the limitations of current adjuvants?
  • Importance of unique formulations & combination adjuvants
    • Kinetics, localization, dose sparing
  • Ensuring a secure supply of known adjuvants
    • Rapid response and stockpiling
  • Emerging concepts in adjuvant science
  • What mechanisms are required to advance vaccines?
  • Novel adjuvant technology – synthetic adjuvants
  • Development of an adjuvant pipeline – can new adjuvants rescue previously failed vaccines?
  • What factors drive clinical failure?

WVIC/WAC Day 1 - Nov 29 @ 17:20

7HP349, an integrin agonist to overcome resistance to immune checkpoint blockade

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