Rebecca Kurnat M.S. | Head of Product

Rebecca Kurnat M.S., Head of Product, SaponiQx

Executive with the ability to provide strategic leadership across all phases of drug development based upon 20 years’ experience managing large, technically complex, programs and product portfolios, with increasing influence from academia through private industry, in pursuit of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed medical products.


WVIC/WAC Pre-Congress Workshops - Nov 28 @ 14:00

Workshop A [Room: Constellation A]

2pm: Chair opening remarks: Rebecca Kurnat M.S., Head of Product, SaponiQx

Presentations: 2.10pm – 4.00pm:

Using synthetic biology in adjuvant technology & creating a pipeline of vaccine adjuvants

Dr John Baldoni, Head of Science, SaponiQx

Next generation TLR agonists & RIG-I as adjuvants

Dr Steve Reed, CEO, HDT Bio

An oral adjuvant to augment vaccine effectiveness

Dr Upendra Marathi, President & CEO, 7Hills Pharma

Long-lasting germinal center responses to a priming immunization with continuous proliferation and somatic mutation

Dr Harry Sutton, Post-doctoral Fellow, Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research, LaJolla Institute for Immunology

4.00-5:00pm Q&A and Panel Discussion with all speakers

  • What are the limitations of current adjuvants?
  • Importance of unique formulations & combination adjuvants
    • Kinetics, localization, dose sparing
  • Ensuring a secure supply of known adjuvants
    • Rapid response and stockpiling
  • Emerging concepts in adjuvant science
  • What mechanisms are required to advance vaccines?
  • Novel adjuvant technology – synthetic adjuvants
  • Development of an adjuvant pipeline – can new adjuvants rescue previously failed vaccines?
  • What factors drive clinical failure?
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