Ezra Cohen | Associate Director Of Moores Cancer Center
U.C. San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Ezra Cohen, Associate Director Of Moores Cancer Center, U.C. San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Ezra Cohen, MD, is Chief of the Division of Hematology-Oncology, and Co-Director of the San Diego Center for Precision Immunotherapy. A physicianscientist, Dr. Cohen led an independently funded laboratory interested in mechanisms of action of novel therapeutics. He has made major contributions to targeted and immunotherapy. His research has received peer-reviewed funding in the study of epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors, cell therapy, and immunotherapy in head and neck cancer. He has made major contributions to the understanding of critical signaling pathways, integration of novel agents into standard of care, and definition of mechanisms to overcome resistance to drug therapy. He has also recently co-developed a personalized neoantigen vaccine
using unique cancer mutations to boost an anti-tumor immune response. Dr. Cohen is Associate Director for Clinical Science, Co-Leader of the Solid Tumor Therapeutics research program and Co-Director of the Hanna and Mark Gleiberman Head and Neck Cancer Center at Moores Cancer Center. Among other roles, he serves as a member of the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC), the Cancer Council, and the Cancer Center’s Executive Committee.


WVIC/WAC Day 2 - Nov 30 @ 10:00

Challenges & opportunities in moving immuno-oncology drugs into earlier lines of therapy

  • What are the challenges that need to be overcome before we can move immunotherapies into earlier stages?
  • What is effect of moving earlier in moving into adjuvant/neoadjuvant space? The need to understand progression much earlier in disease.
  • What are our current assumptions – what data do we need to pressure test them? How do we collect data? What data do we need?
last published: 01/Dec/22 17:25 GMT

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