Dr Ezra Cohen | Associate Director of Moores Cancer Center
U.C. San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Dr Ezra Cohen, Associate Director of Moores Cancer Center, U.C. San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Ezra Cohen, MD, is co-director of the Center for Precision Immunotherapy and an internationally renowned translationalresearcher. He has been acknowledged for his contribution to theNational Cancer Institute Task Force on PI3 Kinase/AKT/mTOR Targeting. A physician-scientist, Dr. Cohen led an independently funded laboratory interested in mechanisms of action of novel therapeutics. He has made major contributions to targeted therapy. His recent National Institutes of Health-funded work in the study of epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors in head and neck cancer has contributed to the understanding of the biology of this critical signaling network, integration of these agents into standard of care, and definition of mechanisms to overcome resistance. He was recently appointed as chair of the NCI Head and Neck Cancer Steering Committee that oversees NCI-funded clinical research (including all NCI Cooperative Group trials) in this disease.


Agenda Day 1 @ 08:40

Status of US vaccine and immunotherapy research in 2017 and beyond

  • Drivers moving the immunotherapy sector forward and its potential
  • Hurdles in vaccines research and the consequence of antivaxxers in national immunity
  • What regulatory or policy changes could affect the science, technology and funding to this sector?

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