Chi Lee | CEO
FountainArc Technologies

Chi Lee, CEO, FountainArc Technologies

Chi focuses on researching and implementing state-of-the-art developments in artificial intelligence technology.

He was previously the Chief Investment Officer of Agenda Invest from June 2015 to March 2018. Agenda Invest is a Swiss based family office overseeing US$1bn of assets. He oversaw the entire investment process and led the eight strong Investment Committee investing across all markets and asset types, implementing Expected Drawdown Management across all investment mandates within the family office. He was responsible for automating a significant proportion of the investment process.

Previous to Agenda Invest, Chi was responsible for managing US$1bn AUM in institutional mandates at GAM as the Head of Investment Risk and Portfolio Manager. He developed, launched and lead managed all institutional alternative premia mandates until he left in November 2014. He successfully grew the strategy in a partnership with Barclays from an initial US$50m seed investment in 2011 as a result of developing state-of-the-art quantitative techniques such as the mathematics behind expected co-drawdowns.

Prior to joining GAM in January 2008, he originated and structured credit derivatives on the Fixed Income trading floor with Morgan Stanley starting 2005 and before that, starting in 2001, he was Head of Quantitative Research with a fund that is now part of LGT Capital.

He was awarded a BA with triple First Class Honours in Computer Science from Cambridge University and an MBA With Honors in Finance from the Wharton School where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He has focused his own continuous quantitative research and coding implementation into very high-order multivariate models since 2001, and researching deep learning as a unique type of these models since 2012.

He has been previously approved by the US SEC and HK SFC, and is currently approved by the UK FCA. He is also a certified FRM with the Global Association of Risk Professionals.


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 15:00

What qualifies as AI and what doesn’t’?

  • Impact of automation and shift towards self-service delivery as the primary access point in the delivery mix
  • What have we achieved: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) vs. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)?
  • What can we expect in the next 5 years from this technology space
  • AI influenced ETF’s and it’s in/ability to serve complex investment needs

Wealth 2.0 Day 2 - 29th November 2018 @ 13:50

Should we be automating data mining of social media to mitigate risk, drive alpha and impact the consumer?

  • Leveraging AI and cognitive technology for social media data mining
  • Language, media and context
  • Consent, brand, reputation
  • Pros and cons
last published: 27/Nov/18 11:35 GMT

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