Rob Van Den Dam | Global Telecommunications Industry Leader for the IBM Institute for Business Value

Rob Van Den Dam, Global Telecommunications Industry Leader for the IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM

Rob van den Dam is the Global Telecommunications Industry Leader at the IBM Institute for Business Value. He is responsible for developing and deploying strategic thought leadership in telecommunications and as such contributor to IBM's global telecom strategy. In this role he develops future agenda's, telecommunications industry outlooks and business value realization studies. He has 20 years of experience in the telecom industry and has worked in a range of advisory and implementation roles for major telecommunications, media and government organizations.

Recent work includes future scenario planning, Internet of Things, big data, cloud, customer advocacy and social business. Rob periodically presents or participates in panel sessions at major industry conferences, such as ITU World, GSMA Mobile Asia, World Future Trends Summit, CommunicAsia, IBC and the Broadband World Forum. He has published multiple articles in, amongst others, European Communications, Mobile Europe, Total Telecom Magazine, Telecom Asia magazine, Annual Review of Communications and Jnl of Telecommunications Management.


Total Telecom Congress Day 2 @ 14:50

Trust – the new strategic high-ground for telcos

- Generating insight from personal data can bring tremendous benefits to both individuals and organizations – but at ever-increasing risk of privacy and security breaches
- Are we reaching a tolerance threshold for digital trust?
- How can telcos capitalize on personal data while preserving privacy?
- What are the technologies necessary to establish transparent, private and secure environments?

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