Vishal Tulsian | Director & CEO
PT Bank Amar Indonesia, Tunaiku | Indonesia

Vishal Tulsian, Director & CEO, PT Bank Amar Indonesia, Tunaiku

Vishal Tulsian, based in Indonesia, has over nineteen years of career as a financial expert and intrapreneur, working in in several executive functions in large Corporations, within a strong multinational environment. He leads a Bank in Indonesia, Amar Bank, which is reinventing itself as a Digital Bank. He successfully launched a FinTech product,, that enables unsecured borrowing up to around USD 1000 within a day. He has set the vision of the Bank 'to bring smiles on 200 million faces by 2025', which is to be achieved through financial inclusion. Vishal Tulsian is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Costs and Works Accountant. He has done his Masters from University of Liverpool, U.K and Executive Management Program from Harvard Business School.

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