Retail World Indonesia, Wednesday 16 November 2016

Opening Keynote Plenary

Lis Sutijiati

Initiating the National Payment Gateway (NPG) for greater payments interoperability in Indonesia

  • Why is retail payments efficiency and innovation key to economic and social development

  • The role of the central government in establishing a working level of Omni-level coherence for merchant and consumers

  • Executive thought-leadership on how the ecosystem needs to change to enable those new payment developments
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Modernising Indonesian retail for the digital age

  • The growing importance of online platforms for retailing in Indonesia

  • How will the growing omnichannel revolution affect the retail industry in Indonesia

  • Building new loyalty capabilities and strategic partnerships with winning consumers

  • Integrating technology in marketing, sales, logistic and payments for improved cost cutting and efficiency measures

Seamless Indonesia 2017 Announcement


Networking Refreshment Break

The omnichannel retail experience

Mohit Dubey
Retail World Indonesia

Retailtainment: The new retail reality for Indonesia

  • Measuring cross-device and online-to-store shopping behavior

  • Create an organizational structure that supports omni-channel marketing

  • How online-to-offline ad formats can improve the shopping experience for your customers
David Tay
Retail World Indonesia

Making retail comes alive with Intel Inside

  • How responsive retail stores are playing a critical role in the retail industry

  • Enabling and enriching retail partnerships

  • Case studies for propelling growth in emerging markets

Sheong Perk Liew
Retail World Indonesia

Delight your customers with an efficient and comprehensive in-store experience

  • Statistics and consumer insights towards Omni-channel

  • Superior customer service as the best differentiator

  • Four key points to deliver the seamless online & offline experience


Patrick Steinbrenner
Retail World Indonesia

Case study: Predictive analytics for the perfecting retail experience

  • How beacon and geofencing enhances the consumer journey experience

  • Delivering relevant and timely offers, better-targeted promotions and high-quality service via push notifications

  • Shifting from mass promotions to contextualized, micro-segmented offers

Networking & lunch break


Roundtable Sessions

Retail World Indonesia

Blurring the lines between multi-channel commerce

Retail World Indonesia

Interactive media best practices for retailing

Retail World Indonesia

Putting people and processes at the heart of merchandising transformation

Retail operations and resource management

Ankiti Bose
Retail World Indonesia

Fast fashion – democratizing the runway using technology

  • Charting the evolution of fashion retail

  • Tech product tailoring to enable longtail sellers dominate the online space

  • Building a product for the mass while maintaining lean economics


Mr Patrick Adhiatmadja
Retail World Indonesia

Optimizing omnichannel strategies for global brand competition and product distribution

  • Understanding the key channels in product distribution and retailing

  • Identifying areas for improvements to ensure seamless product flows all the way from distributor to consumer

  • Transformative key take aways


Rizkie Maulana Putra
Retail World Indonesia

Delivering state of the art customer experience with omni-channel

  • How omnichannel behaviors shake up offline to online retailing

  • Bridging mobile and brick & mortar consumers for engagement

  • Breaking down internal silos with the right technology partners

Networking Refreshment Break

Closing Keynote Plenary

Joseph Lumban Gaol

Towards a financially inclusive ASEAN society: Adapting with the digital disruptions in the financial landscape

  • Making the case for financial inclusion in an age of digital disruption

  • As Indonesians embrace the digital lifestyle, what are the new challenges for financial inclusion

  • Emerging best practices in digital literacy and fintech for the Indonesian market
Arnaud Bonzom

Embracing the omni age for Indonesian Startups: Incubating the future

  • Changing society, changing customers: How can startups lead the charge for positive economic change

  • A model for overcoming transformation and cross platform challenges for startups

  • The digital transformation continued, how other traditional industries can leverage on e-payments and e-commerce for success

Sylvia Cendrawan

Chair's closing remarks

Sylvia Cendrawan, Deputy Director, ICWA Indonesian Council on World Affairs & Trade Promotion Board

Networking Refreshments & End of Day 1

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Retail World Indonesia, Thursday 17 November 2016

Panel discussion

The premise for e-commerce restructuring for long term sustainability and scalability

  • Is the growth of regional e-commerce sustainable in the long term

  • A shift towards more niche product offerings and larger points of differentiation for competitiveness

  • Looking into other sectors such as fintech and big data for innovation

  • What is the next big disruption for e-commerce

Marwazi Siagian

Defining the future of digital payments

  • The digital transformation journey

  • Establishing the conditions for creating a cashless society

Networking Refreshment Break

Towards an age of global Indonesian retail

Marlissa Dessy
Retail World Indonesia

Chair’s opening remarks

Bhavin Patel
Retail World Indonesia

Omni-Channel shoppers: An emerging retail reality

  • Measuring cross-device and online-to-store shopping behaviour

  • Create an organizational structure that supports omni-channel marketing

  • How online-to-offline ad formats can improve the shopping experience for your customers
Retail World Indonesia

Fireside chat: Customer obsession in niche & luxury retail: offline vs online

  • Customer profiling with metrics in big data: bringing data driven marketing/advertising  to offline efforts

  • Investing in the internal process while maintaining the scaled luxury experience

  • Advantages/challenges of being digital: conversion & understanding customer behaviour
Julien Chalte
Retail World Indonesia

Cross border consumerism in the South East Asian retail space

  • What the Indonesian market can learn from the Thai retail industry

  • Consumer habits and the digital imperative: how online will influence retail

  • How e-commerce logistics can impact online retail growth

  • Where the ongoing e-payment revolution can take retail


Networking Lunch Break

Retail technology and innovation

Dedianto Turnip
Retail World Indonesia

Talent engagement for increased retention and performance in the global retail market

  • How do you create and maintain engagement in an increasingly fluid job market

  • Evolving hiring trends in the retail space: shifting from industrial to information age

  • Designing next generation job profiles for strategy-critical roles
Krishnan Menon
Retail World Indonesia

The rise of digitally native vertical brands (DNVB) brands

  • The consumer imagination: focusing on customer experience and intimacy
  • Unraveling the three-part collective experience: the physical product, web/mobile experience, and customer service
  • ​Born digitally, maturing offline: experiential physical retail and selective partnerships
Retail World Indonesia

Closing Q&A session

Bhavin Patel
Retail World Indonesia

Chair's closing remarks


Networking Refreshments & End of Day 2

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