E-Commerce Show Indonesia, Wednesday 16 November 2016

Opening Keynote Plenary

Lis Sutijiati

Initiating the National Payment Gateway (NPG) for greater payments interoperability in Indonesia

  • Why is retail payments efficiency and innovation key to economic and social development

  • The role of the central government in establishing a working level of Omni-level coherence for merchant and consumers

  • Executive thought-leadership on how the ecosystem needs to change to enable those new payment developments
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Modernising Indonesian retail for the digital age

  • The growing importance of online platforms for retailing in Indonesia

  • How will the growing omnichannel revolution affect the retail industry in Indonesia

  • Building new loyalty capabilities and strategic partnerships with winning consumers

  • Integrating technology in marketing, sales, logistic and payments for improved cost cutting and efficiency measures

Seamless Indonesia 2017 Announcement


Networking Refreshment Break

E-nnovations in E-commerce

Sean Lawlor
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

From bricks to clicks, how E-commerce is influencing retail

  • Why creating collaborative, accessible online shopping environments is the next step for E-commerce

  • Capturing the inherent benefits of a mobile strategy in terms of both convenience and collaboration

  • Stepping towards offering an ‘anytime/anywhere’ shopping strategy
Sean Lawlor, Head of Vendor Acquisition, Lazada Indonesia
Ria Ariyanie
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Embracing your target market though their hearts: How communication marketing helps your Ecommerce brand

  • The evolution of communication marketing

  • The content and context of your target audience

  • The tactical segmentation: Bridging between brick and mortar / online retail
Debbie Goldingham
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Millennials: The digital natives, the big opportunity

  • Serving the heightened expectation of the connected and demanding consumers

  •  Generating content, social and digital media

Allto Widyasta Setiabudi
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

What is the e-value proposition of your e-commerce company

  • Harnessing the complexity and intensity of e-commerce data

  • From data to campaigns and campaigns to data

  • Beyond products and pricing, matching your shopping environment needs with the target market

Networking & lunch break


Roundtable Sessions

E-Commerce Show Indonesia

The challenges of omni-channel Ecommerce in Indonesian healthcare

E-Commerce Show Indonesia

SMEs: Still playing catch-up in digitisation and e-commerce

E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Harnessing big data and analytics for e-commerce optimization

E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Start-ups’ real currency: trust – The 3 key audiences you must convince

Inventory management & fulfillment

Akshay Garg
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Case Study: Lending for the e-commerce space, the Kredivo story

  • Transparency: getting consumers access to credit based on their own credit needs

  • Convenience: financial access in the age of omnichannel commerce

  • Access: providing an end-to-end service, enabling anytime and anywhere shopping

Akshay Garg, Founder, Finaccel
Irzan Raditya
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Conversational commerce: building the future of B2C chat apps in Indonesia

  • Status quo of conversational commerce & chat apps in Indonesia, moving beyond non-scalability issues

  • Challenges in building conversational commerce in Indonesia (Scalability, NLP)
  • ​How to win in building conversational commerce platform
Ashiqur Rahman
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Embracing the new norms and IOT Convergence for the ecommerce ecosystem

  • How startups are changing the norms of e- commerce in this part of Asia.

  • Case studies from Bangladesh and Indonesia.

  • Key trends to look out for in next three years

Networking Refreshment Break

Closing Keynote Plenary

Joseph Lumban Gaol

Towards a financially inclusive ASEAN society: Adapting with the digital disruptions in the financial landscape

  • Making the case for financial inclusion in an age of digital disruption

  • As Indonesians embrace the digital lifestyle, what are the new challenges for financial inclusion

  • Emerging best practices in digital literacy and fintech for the Indonesian market
Arnaud Bonzom

Embracing the omni age for Indonesian Startups: Incubating the future

  • Changing society, changing customers: How can startups lead the charge for positive economic change

  • A model for overcoming transformation and cross platform challenges for startups

  • The digital transformation continued, how other traditional industries can leverage on e-payments and e-commerce for success

Sylvia Cendrawan

Chair's closing remarks

Sylvia Cendrawan, Deputy Director, ICWA Indonesian Council on World Affairs & Trade Promotion Board

Networking Refreshments & End of Day 1

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E-Commerce Show Indonesia, Thursday 17 November 2016

Panel discussion

The premise for e-commerce restructuring for long term sustainability and scalability

  • Is the growth of regional e-commerce sustainable in the long term

  • A shift towards more niche product offerings and larger points of differentiation for competitiveness

  • Looking into other sectors such as fintech and big data for innovation

  • What is the next big disruption for e-commerce

Marwazi Siagian

Defining the future of digital payments

  • The digital transformation journey

  • Establishing the conditions for creating a cashless society

Networking Refreshment Break

An Omni-channel approach to E-commerce

Subir Lohani
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Chair’s opening remarks

Subir Lohani
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Case Study: The evolution of the classifieds and beyond

  • How Carmundi coordinates online and offline channels and synchronise customer touch points

  • Building on consumer management tools to effectively segment customers and build behaviour-driven journeys

  • Using analytics to predict and better personalise the customer buying journey
Matthew Faull
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Capturing the potential of omni-channel ecommerce technology

  • Devise, implement and evolve superior omni-channel commerce capabilities to make the most of investments

  • Harnessing analytic capabilities for integrated and scalable technology and back-end processes

  • Delivering consistent but appropriate experiences offline and online

Erlan Primansyah
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Building the business E-model: The Digital library Business in Emerging Markets

  • The interface model - how to roll out e-commerce without supply chain or fulfilment worries

  • How to conduct e-commerce without supply chain and fulfilment worries

  • Streamlining and controlling user experience for a consistent and repeatable brand touchpoint.

Networking Lunch Break

Rica Handayani
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Progressive web apps: the BaBe case study

  • Strategies for app scaling and adoption

  • Overcoming infrastructure challenges

  • A mobile-web experience that loads quickly, uses less data, and re-engages users in multiple ways.
Rama Dhonanto
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Conversion for web sales optimisation: What makes e-shoppers buy

  • Aligning website design and interface with retail metrics for top customer service and merchandising

  • Proven marketing methods to grow revenue streams and increase customer lifetime value

  • Digital strategies to decrease shopping cart abandonment on desktop and mobile
M Ahmad Djojosugito
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

An Overview of E-commerce in Healthcare sector in Indonesia: it’s opportunities and challenges

  • Efforts in developing an optimal process in engaging patients for consumer loyalty

  • How deploying a B2C strategy will pave the way for C2B and C2C ecosystems
Subir Lohani
E-Commerce Show Indonesia

Chair's opening remarks


Networking Refreshments & End of Day 2

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