Mr Nyoman Mahardika | Director - South Asia Supply Chain
Mead Johnson & Company | Thailand

Mr Nyoman Mahardika, Director - South Asia Supply Chain, Mead Johnson & Company

Nyoman Mahardika has over twenty years of global operations and management experiences in Asia, North America and Europe. He has the ability to design, develop and execute complex operations and manufacturing strategy. Nyoman is an expert in risk management, project management and process optimization. Nyoman is also a regular public speaker across ASEAN countries for various audience, ranging from risk managers and bankers to retailers, supply chain and e-commerce professionals. He currently serves as the Director of South Asia/South East Asia Operations and Supply Chain at Mead Johnson Nutrition Thailand. He served as Director Operations and Supply Chain Philippines since 2012 and as Director of Business Transformation and SAP Asia at Mead Johnson Thailand since 2009.

Nyoman Mahardika started his career at Unilever Indonesia and then moved to Mead Johnson Nutrition in 1996. He served as Director of Operations and Supply Chain at Jakarta, Indonesia and he moved to Mead Johnson Nutrition Thailand as Director Supply Chain Planning Asia in 1999. In 2005 he served as Global Supply Chain Planning based Canada and the USA and as the head of Supply Chain Planning Mead Johnson Europe, based in the Netherland.

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