Leo Koesmanto | Executive Director- Digital Banking
D.B.S. Indonesia | Indonesia

Leo Koesmanto, Executive Director- Digital Banking, D.B.S. Indonesia

Leo joined DBS in March 2016 to start Digibank in Indonesia.

Prior to joining DBS, Leo has 8 years of experience in banking industry in the area of credit card business and marketing communication and branding. His key projects includes launching co-branding credit cards, and re-branding BII into Maybank in Indonesia.

Leo started his career in consulting with Accenture and Booz Allen & Hamilton where he picks up his technical skills as well as strategic management skills.  Prior to banking, he is also have a well knowledge in Telco industry as he helped to launch Three (telco operator) in Indonesia.

Leo holds a bachelor in Industrial Engineering degree from Universitas Trisakti, and an MBA in Marketing and Information Systems from University of Minnesota.

In his leisure time he is into photography and activity in the digital startups environment.


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