David Hilman | Chief Operating Officer
Agung Sedayu Retail | Indonesia

David Hilman, Chief Operating Officer, Agung Sedayu Retail

David Hilman has background in Information Technology (IT) and Electrical engineering. Which later became a key to open his first career gate where he worked at Hewlett-Packard in Oregon, USA.

He returned to Indonesia in 1989 and took a post at Shell oil Companies for 10 years in Jakarta and Den Haag.

He took a path to entrepreneurship as he established a series of IT companies and later entered Cinema industry as the founder of Blitz Megaplex. Shortly thereafter, he had a stint in F&B and founded Kartupay, a loyalty and micropayment card.

He is currently setting up a new cinema chain called Flix Cinemas; and undertaking operations as COO of Agung Sedayu’s leased properties  also known as Agung Sedayu Retail Indonesia developing and operating malls and foodcourts.

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