Bernhart Farras | Founder & CEO
Hartlogic | Indonesia

Bernhart Farras, Founder & CEO, Hartlogic

A person who desire to make improvements for Indonesia, love to learn to share, and in process of mastering hone sincerity.

Growing up in Jakarta(Indonesia), studying in Australia & Germany and working in Bandung(Indonesia), The fact that I've been living in different places with different environments gives me cultural knowledge, international mindset and broader knowledge.

I love the culture, language and tourism of my country Indonesia #LoveIndonesia.
My passion is inventing new, fast, reliable and reusable business and technology infrastructure to help new startup to have a rapid business growth.

I have worked as SoDJ Radio Broadcaster(Announcer, Operator & Producer), News Anchor, Toursim Ambassador, Marketing & Sales, Product Development, Business Development, Video & Sound Editor, Front End & Back End Programmer, Quality Assurance, and Event Organizer.

Some fun fact's about me:
- A morning person.

- I don't care who gets the credit. I just want to win together.

- I've been doing business since elementary school by selling stickers and printing.

- I am a multi-linguist of technology driven business. I speak fluent geek, marketer, editor, designer, trainer, sales person, and challenging client.

- I am a person who create and execute ideas.

- A person who love to accomplish challenges.

- and a calm person.

PS: I have a beautiful and super mom who gives me pressure and moral support.

Specialties: Operational Management, Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, Change Management, B2B, Digital Marketing, Qualitative Market research, Consumer Insight, UI/UX.

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