Mr Scott Raio | Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Combatant Gentlemen

Mr Scott Raio, Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Combatant Gentlemen

Scott Raio is the CTO and Co-Founder of behind Combatant Gentlemen, or Combat Gent, the world's first "sheep-to-closet" e-commerce-driven company. Founded in 2012, Raio continues to be an integral part in defining and improving Combat Gent’s unique vertically integrated supply chain, allowing the company to utilize a direct-to-consumer model to offer premium menswear and approachable prices.
Raio built his first company at 16-years-old and has since bootstrapped four profitable startups, specializing in enterprise information architecture, cloud database technology and software as a service (SaaS). Today, his mission at Combat Gent is to create an enjoyable online experience in the digital realm through seamless integrations of technology and design all while building a scalable infrastructure custom-tailored for the vertical commerce environment.

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