Conference Day 2


Breakfast and Registration

Clay Parnell

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Clay Parnell, President and Managing Partner, The Parker Avery Group


Panel discussion

Keynote fireside chat: The role of CIOs in today’s retail

• Key tech and trends
• Harnessing digital disruption
• Leadership and vision - are CIOs becoming CMTOs (Chief Marketing Technology Officers)?
• Project, risk and change management
• Assessing competing technologies and vendors
Moderator: Clay Parnell, President and Managing Partner, The Parker Avery Group
Grant Anderson, Chief Information Officer, Living Spaces Furniture
Nadia Shouraboura

​Keynote address: Building the next generation retail supply chain

• Customer expectations and the multi-channel offer
• Unifying Distribution Centers and using stores as DCs
• What the agile supply chain really means
• Dynamic and flexible inventory management
• Transforming physical stores into micro warehouses in retailer's network 
Nadia Shouraboura, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hointer

Networking Break


Dennis Goedegebuure

Searching for the future - cross-channel SEO integration in organizations

• How user generated content elements such as Q&A can make your personalization strategy more assertive 
• Should personalization be seamless across channels, or distinguished for each touchpoint?
• Championing user experience so google doesn’t punish you
• Loss of keyword data and the revival of ranking data
Dennis Goedegebuure, VP Growth & SEO, Fanatics, Inc.
Ronald Dod

How using data can amplify your content and social media signals to maximize SEO

• How to use various SEO tools such as Searchmetrics, Ahrefs, and SEMRush to have better insights and make better decisions with your SEO efforts 
• Use of SEO tools to make better informed decisions when creating the right content for the right audience. 
• How to research and use data to create more engaging social media content for the right audience 
Ronald Dod, CEO & Partner, Visiture


Cody DeBacker

Roundtable 1: Marketing and personalization strategies that increase repeat purchases and have high ROI

Cody DeBacker, DirectorShopify Plus & VIP Engagement Manager, Shopify Plus
Martin Baumgartel

Roundtable 2: After SEO/SEM brings visits – how Site Search helps your customer find what they need within your domain

Martin Baumgartel, Site Search Manager, Verizon Wireless
Mr aaron marino

Roundtable 3: ‘What men want’: exploring men’s style and how retailers can adapt to new male consumer trends

Mr aaron marino, Owner, IAmAlphaM
Michael Moore

Roundtable 4: How cutting edge customer experience in-store can push rebranding efforts

Michael Moore, Chief Marketing Officer, Lowes Foods

Networking Lunch


Sam Iosevich

Keynote address: Merchandising - Integrating demand forecast and size optimization to achieve a hollistic analytics consistency

• The application to other solutions like merchandise financial planning, assortment planning, purchase order, and replenishment
• Relying on the same analytics hub from purchasing to allocation
• Establishing the same analytics point of view for all systems 
• Integrating Oracle Retail Replenishment Allocation with existing PO writing and assortment planning 
Sam Iosevich, Managing Partner, Prognos, Antuit
Marty Anderson, VP Merchandising Business Process, Belk Inc


Gary Hawkins

Keynote address: Retail enters the second half of the chessboard

• How cheaper, faster processing power, growing use of artificial intelligence, big data, and the cloud are driving today’s retail innovation
• Disruptive waves of innovation are getting faster and larger – how to not let them sweep you away
• The democratization of technology; Large scale no longer an advantage
• A look into future innovation that’s here today: segment-of-one shopper level personalization, in-store analytics on shoppers, demographics and mood, and 3D sensors that understand customer behavior
• No time-outs for industry leaders as disruptive innovation will continue to accelerate
Gary Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Advancing Retail and Technology
Albert Vita

Keynote address: Seven key questions to help you evaluate new in-store technology

• A tactical framework retailers can use to rapidly evaluate potential new technology investments
• Why your store associates play a critical “make or break” role for your technology initiatives
• How making Omnichannel your focus may have the opposite desired effect and create barriers with the very customers you are hoping to connect with
Albert Vita, Senior Director of Interconnected Retail, In Store Environment, The Home Depot
Scott Emmons

Keynote address: Creating the store of the future – pioneering technology integration with in-store experience

• Understanding how, when and what customers want – just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should
• Beacons put in practice – BLTE, RFID and other technologies bringing to the store what online shopping has to offer
• Integrating digital with physical 
• Staying one step ahead of consumers - in-store technology that is authentic and useful 
• Going long on experience and functionality
Scott Emmons, Head of Innovation Lab, Neiman Marcus Inc
Clay Parnell

Chairman’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference

Clay Parnell, President and Managing Partner, The Parker Avery Group
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