Sam Iosevich | Managing Partner, Prognos

Sam Iosevich, Managing Partner, Prognos, Antuit

Sam Iosevich has over 18 years of experience delivering financial results for clients through advanced analytics. Sam is a Founder and Managing Partner at Prognos, a leading Retail/CPG analytics company acquired by Antuit in April 2015.
While at Prognos, Sam designed the forecasting methodology that is currently deployed by many of Antuit’s Retail/CPG clients across North America. His store segmentation/profiling solution has netted significant ROI for a number of large retailers and he pioneered the ‘Dynamic Aggregation’ approach to forecasting. 
Before starting Prognos, Sam built and managed a consulting group at SAS responsible for implementing the company’s revenue optimization, demand forecasting and customer insight tools and solutions for retail and CPG. He also previously held a consulting position at Accenture where he architected and coded a store clustering solution for assortment enablement.
Sam holds a Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering, Engineering Physics and Medical Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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