Operational Excellence

The mission of this group is for it to be a place where impassioned Change Agents - those who strive for true transformational change and the fostering of an environment where innovation, risk-taking and collaboration can thrive - can congregate and have a forum to exchange ideas, best practices, and seek guidance and mentorship.

A partial, but by no means exhaustive, list of topics discussed in this group include; Leadership, Stewardship, Communication Skills, Lean Six-Sigma (LSS), Theory of Constraints (ToC), Continuous and Deliberate Improvement (CI/DI), Toyota Production Method (TPM), Industrial and Systems Engineering, Total Quality Management (TQM), Voice of the Customer, Supply Chain, Logistics, Blue Ocean Strategy, Front Office, Back Office, Finance, Marketing, Business Development and Sales... and anything and everything that anyone else can possibly conceive in support of the Operational Excellence mantra and definition I have proposed.