Company Profile
• Your route planning nightmares are finally solved with Route4Me - the world’s most used and downloaded route optimization app with over 1,000,000 downloads
• The first route optimization software to be on the iPhone, iPad, and Android simultaneously 
• Designed for ecommerce, Route4Me is so fast that routes can be optimized dynamically as orders come in, permitting continuous flow route optimization
• Featured in the Wall Street and FleetOwner magazine, Route4Me can optimize and assign to drivers a route having hundreds or thousands of stops in just seconds
Product Profile
Route4Me offers thousands of features that optimize the entire route planning process. Some of these key features include:
• Route Planning & Optimization for Dozens, Even Hundreds of Drivers at Once: Unsure of how many drivers you need? Route4Me will show you in just a few seconds.
• iPhone, iPad, and Android Sync: No need to invest in expensive, single purpose hardware. Route4Me’s Apps gives you all the power you need on your smartphone or tablet.
• Real-time Tracking & Breadcrumbs: Know where your drivers are located in real time and instantly see if they have fallen behind schedule with Route4Me’s unique ”Planned vs Actual” viewing feature.
• Real-time Dynamic Geofencing ™ notifies you exactly when your drivers have arrived and departed at a location without any driver interaction, saving thousands of wasted hours per week
• Detailed Reporting & Analytics: Every mile driven is tracked automatically for each vehicle and route. Know exactly how much a route will cost you… before you even drive it with our route simulator. Confidently bid on any contract, knowing you’ve got your numbers right.
• Map Your Customers & Track Completed Jobs: See the locations of your customers using our interactive map. Color code locations by any field & automatically track completed work through smartphone eSignature capture, uploaded images, notes, and automatic driver log in/log out geofencing… instantly logged under the location’s account.