DANOBAT Railways business unit focuses its activity in the supply of turnkey solutions for the manufacturing and maintenance of railways rolling stock, incorporating own leading technology products, together with those manufactured by specialized companies.  Danobat is present in metro and light rail shops worldwide, so it is important to be in this congress in order to show all solutions we may have for a railway player.  Industrial, economic and financial dynamism in Bilbao has firmly placed the city and its surroundings on the business travel map. Bilbao is home to manufacturing plants and businesses in the steel, auto, energy, machine-tool, aeronautics and of couse railway industry. Bilbao?s industrial, economic and financial dynamism, above the European average, also turn the city into the perfect hub for making business, boosted for years by meetings and conventions for a variety of sectors.  We will be presenting the latest innovations on railway depots; industry 4.0 and automatization of rail shops.