The conference brings the global leaders together to discuss how new technologies are shaping the railway of the future. Speakers include world leading CEOs and visionary thinkers from networks and projects around the world.


  • Be inspired by over 350 speakers who are shaping the future of rail around the world
  • Gain access to our exclusive network platforms & events where you can build relationships with high level executives
  • Be inspired by some of the greatest minds in the industry in over 10 streams of industry leading discussion
  • Gain access to our event app and schedule 1-2-1 meetings
  • Have the opportunity to join site visits going behind the scenes into some of the best rail operations globally







Metro is still a core part of the Rail Live! Congress, bringing leading international urban rail networks together to discuss the biggest challenges from growing ridership to managing assets effectively. In this stream we discuss everything from metro projects, improving customer experience and the implementation of the latest technologies to meet the many challenges metro networks around the world face

Light Rail

The Light Rail Stream will bring together international light rail network leaders to discuss how these networks can use the latest technology to create the light rail networks of the future. Looking at everything from Automation and maintenance to integration into the mobility of the future from AVs to MAAS networks.


Rail networks around the world are working to integrate new digital tools into their networks to provide reliability and cost-effective operations. Looking at everything from smart maintenance, data analytics and driving digital tech into a traditional industry, this stream will focus on technologies including IOT, AI, data analytics & blockchain and the best way for rail operators to really benefit from them.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Digital transformation is having a huge impact on rail infrastructure networks and this stream will bring together the leaders from infrastructure managers to discuss how technologies such as IOT, Blockchain, AI and automation are transforming the infrastructure networks for the future.

Infrastructure Inspection

As new technologies are enabling infrastructure managers to optimise the inspection of the infrastructure, this stream will focus on how these technologies can be implemented and optimised. From Geo mapping and image recognition, this session will bring case studies and visionary thinking together for a focus on infrastructure inspection.

Smart Train Control

Telecommunications, train controls, smart signalling and automation are key areas of focus at Rail Live. Networks around the world are upgrading to CBTC, ERTMS, ETCS and ATO programmes and are progressing towards automation as a key facilitator of increasing ridership on existing networks. The next generation of telecommunications are also discussed within this stream.

Mega Projects

This conference is a two day focus on the biggest projects going on in the world today, looking at how these projects are managed effectively and the role of technologies such as BIM, Geo-Mapping and Data analytics are making these construction projects more efficient.


The Stations conference brings together leaders who are transforming the role of stations in the railway of the future. As a core link in the network infrastructure, and a critical service for passengers the stations of the future will have to manage increased customer numbers and links to intermodal connections. From project Management to passenger flow, construction to customer experience this is the place to discuss the station of the future.


Rail freight operators are working hard to ensure rail is the preferred method of freight logistics. The Freight Summit will discuss how operational efficiencies, digital transformation, real time information and intermodal partnerships are making rail freight a more competitive and efficient network, able to compete effectively.

Power & Sustainability

As Rail operators play a key role for national sustainability targets and with consumers increasingly demanding sustainable options, rail operators around the world are working to ensure their power networks are developing with the right technologies. Looking at everything from Hydrail and renewable energy to sustainability targets, this is a key area of development in the rail industry.

Finance and Funding

How can you attract funds for infrastructure projects? What are the newest financing models for rail infrastructure? How have projects effectively attracted funding and conducted tenders and a smooth procurement process? Join us in the Finance and Funding Conference to participate in these critical discussions.

Cyber Security

As rail networks become increasingly software based, with everything from train control to maintenance to infrastructure inspection now based on digital platforms, cyber security is a real threat to the industry. We will be hosting our Cyber-security Conference for rail operators to share knowledge and experiences protecting their networks from attack.

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility is shaping the next era of travel and mobility. Posing serious opportunities for public transport operators to attract more customers and make public transport the essential backbone to the future of mobility, this is an area of development which touches every player in transport. Join us to discuss the many complexities in making smart mobility a reality at a local, national and international level and how digital transformation is enabling more and more opportunity for rail operators and their partners.





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