Acosta Ingenieros SL


Acosta Ingenieros, founded in 2000, since its inception makes all types of projects of industrial and civil engineering. For several years now it represents and distributes material for the railway sector. Among the products distributed we have: Fastening systems for slab track: ?    Delkor EGG Low Profile ?    Delkor ALT.1 ?    Delkor EGG for turnouts Turnouts: ?    Switch point rollers ? AUSTROROLL ?    Switch point rollers for lubrication free frogs with moveable point. ? AUSTROROLL HSR Synthetic Sleepers and others: ?    Synthetic Sleepers FFU ? SEKISUI ?    Calmmoon Rail web noise protection system - SEKISUI Electrification: ?    Conventional ?    High speed ?    Tramway ?    Rigid catenary