Retail World Philippines 2016, Tuesday 6 September 2016

Malikkhan Kotadia

Chair's opening remarks

Anthony Thomson

A car in a field full of horses – or how to disrupt the Financial services Industry

  • Defining a sense of purpose for E-Payments

  • Why banks think customers trust them and why customers don’t

  • Why most innovation fails to disrupt the sector
Edgar Tejerero

Retail-tainment: bridging the gap through innovation

  • Showcasing the integrated e-wallet for retail, leisure, dining, and entertainment

  • Defining the holistic, unified customer experience with ePLUS

John Rubio

Towards a financially inclusive society: Adapting with the digital disruptions in the financial landscape

  • Making the case for financial inclusion in an age of digital disruption

  • As Filipinos embrace the digital lifestyle, what are the new challenges for financial inclusion

  • Countering the lure of underground and informal money lenders via social inclusion

  • Emerging best practices in digital literacy and consumer protection programmes

Panel discussion

Plenary Panel: Enabling regulation in Philippine financial security and inclusion

  • The premise for banking regulation in the Philippines for greater security and inclusion
  • Focusing on cross border perspective and international partnerships between fintech and blockchain for greater efficacy and effectiveness
  • Data centric approaches to risk scoring and KYC regulation

Networking & refreshment break

The Philippine omni retail experience

Mr Anton Soriano
Retail World Philippines 2016

Chair's opening remarks

Mia Icasiano-Bulatao
Retail World Philippines 2016

Cracking the loyalty code: Customer loyalty in an age of omni-channel

  • How omnichannel behaviors shake up loyalty program demands
  • Bridging mobile and brick & mortar consumers for loyalty engagement
  • Breaking down internal silos with the right technology partners
Marx Cabrera
Retail World Philippines 2016

The road to being an omnichannel leader

  • The future of retail is here

  • Rethinking the physical retail store for the digital age

  • Creating a great consumer experience: anytime, any place
Lystra Aranal
Retail World Philippines 2016

Tapping new media: How to make editorial and community-building work for you

  • Best practices: content marketing for an interactive omnichannel retail experience

  • The importance of collaboration: on navigating through Editorial and Community-Building Networks

  • Winning content strategies to bridge the gap between online-to-offline retailing

Mr Christian G. Domingo
Retail World Philippines 2016

Case study: Debunking the myths of millennial shoppers: What do they really want?

  • Myth 1: Is consumer loyalty a dead concept to Millennials?

  • Myth 2: Are millennials all about online shopping and Ecommerce?

  • Myth 3: The importance of social media, sink or swim?


Networking & lunch break


Roundtable Sessions

Retail World Philippines 2016

Best practices for omni-channel retail

Retail World Philippines 2016

Best practices for omni-channel retail

Retail World Philippines 2016

Footfall analysis for real time store operations

Retail World Philippines 2016

Loyalty squad goals: a discussion on establishing a loyalty alliance

Sahara Jean Garnica, Assistant Vice President, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc.

Best practices for retail operations

Rahul Hardasani
Retail World Philippines 2016

What is the product? Conveying your message to the consumer.

  • Measures to understand for the local environment and managing the product mix

  • Strategies  for new brands to effectively forge distribution and partnerships

  • What additional central and supply chain cost is this distribution complexity driving
Mr Anton Soriano
Retail World Philippines 2016

Case Study: Integrating a mobile point of sale system for the retail ecosystem

  • How Primer Group implemented an Omni-channel solution using an e-commerce platform and mobile POS to power on-site retailing

  • Engaging customers using mobile POS to cross-sell and upsell

  • Eliminate showrooming with mobile POS solutions

Retail World Philippines 2016

Fireside chat: Exploring the omni channel impact

  • What does embracing omnichannel mean for retail operators and consumers

  • What operational risks are associated with an omnichannel customer experience

  • How realistic is an integrated service across all channels

  • Can services appear seamless without full channel integration

  • Is a total system overhaul necessary or practicable
Mr Anton Soriano
Retail World Philippines 2016

Chair's closing remarks


Networking & refreshments

Closing Keynote Plenary

Mark Joaquin Ruiz

Case study: the microfinanced franchise model

  • Insights on the success behind Hapinoy’s mobile-based programme, BizMo

  • What does it mean to be the “preferred business partner of the poor”

  • Leveraging on financial Innovation and education for small business holders and unbanked startups
Mark Joaquin Ruiz

Against all odds: the rise of the Microentrepreneurs

This is a specially curated segment in which we will feature ambassadors from Hapinoy. Ordinary Filipino microentrepreneurs who have made a difference to their lives and communities with the advent of financial inclusion and microfinance.  Join us for this exclusive opportunity led by Hapinoy President, Mark Joaquin Ruiz to meet them and learn from their vivid experiences going from rags to riches.

Networking Refreshments & End of Day 1

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Retail World Philippines 2016, Wednesday 7 September 2016


Morning networking session

Morning keynote plenary

Vincent Tobias

Chair’s opening address

Vincent Tobias, Lead, Innovation, Ayala Corporation
Inanc Balci

Realizing the potential of e-commerce for SMEs in the global economy

  • Reaping the benefits of electronic commerce:

  • The challenge for SMEs

  • Diffusion of adoption and usage of E-commerce by SMEs

  • The keys to E-competitiveness

    • Forging  their own e–commerce strategies

    • Fostering into e-partnerships
Noemi Azura

Revolutionising Filipino healthcare: embracing the omni age of e-commerce

  • How Philcare leverages on e-commerce to expand healthcare access and services in the Philippines

  • Public and private-sector partnerships for mobile and NFC payments: How and when do these work well

  • Universal healthcare coverage in the government's "inclusion " agenda

  • The digital transformation continued, how other traditional industries can leverage on e-payments and e-commerce for success
Paulo Campos

The premise for E-commerce restructuring in 2016: The winner takes it all

  • How can non Chinese E-Commerce players compete for a share of the market

  • A shift towards more niche stories and larger points of content for differentiation and competitiveness

  • Looking into other sectors such as fintech and big data for innovation

  • What is the next big disruption for E-commerce
Inanc Balci

New government, new strategy: how will e-commerce growth continue to be supported post-election

  • How can the E-commerce industry make its voice heard with the new government

  • Continuation over disruption: the value in maintaining existing government strategies on innovation

  • The challenges and opportunities around foreign business growth in the Philippines

Morning refreshments & networking break

Towards an age of global Filipino retail

Mr Anton Soriano
Retail World Philippines 2016

Chair's opening remarks

Dale A. Roberts
Retail World Philippines 2016

Local brand strategies for global brand competition

  • Going on the offensive: Taking the steps towards expanding regionally and internationally

  • Going on the defensive: Brand rebranding and diversification of services and products

  • Taking the middle ground: Forging local partnerships with international brands

Dennis Aranas
Retail World Philippines 2016

Retail distributors in the Philippines: Redefining the business model

  • What does the future hold for retail distributors in the Philippines?

  • Coming to terms with the arrival of independent global brands and the challenge of E-commerce

  • Aligning with the core values of the brands to stay relevant and adaptive
Louella Scott
Retail World Philippines 2016

A global perspective for retail franchising

  • What can Filipino franchisers learn from global brands?

  • What are the latest types of available technology platforms used by franchises?

  • Reaping the benefits: What can franchisers do to get the best out of their global brand franchises?

Networking lunch break

Retail technology and innovation

Paulo del Puerto
Retail World Philippines 2016

Commerce through Instant Messaging: From Storefronts to Chat rooms.

  • How IM is becoming a viable ecommerce channel

  • How it can work for retailers

  • The future of conversational commerce

Spotlight on Filipino Innovation

This is an interactive, 2-tiered engagement session that allows delegates to meet and discuss on the very latest happenings with industry leaders and trendsetters to the Filipino market
Panel discussion
Retail World Philippines 2016

Regional Forum: Cross Border Cooperative Growth within ASEAN

  • The case for a pan-asian retail and commerce initiatives in ASEAN

  • Building technology platforms for cross border, end-to-end retail and e-commerce

  • Improving infrastructure with innovative customer communication strategies through building regional partnership networks

  • Addressing increasing consumer demand and expectations in an Omni channel age



Mr Anton Soriano
Retail World Philippines 2016

Chair's closing remarks

Networking Refreshments & End of Day 2

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