The Carriers World Awards   


The users' choice awards for the capacity industry returns for the fifth year at Carriers World 2019.

As in previous years, the winners will be recognised by the voting of industry peers and customers, rather than by a panel of judges.

This year, the Carriers World Awards has expanded to 14 categories.

The awards are open to both local and international players.


Click here to enter for free now - entry deadline has been extended to Friday 19th July.




UCaaS Product of the Year

The move to hosted communications services dominates the unified comms landscape.
Open to all providers of UCaaS products and services, including UCaaS vendors. The service must be commercially available and be delivering measurable results. We are looking for innovative products and business models as well as evidence of commercial and innovative success.

Best Security Solution

In a connected world, the needs to secure communications, networks and devicews is critical.
Open to carriers, service providers and security vendors. We are looking for the most compelling solution offered to your customers or to end-users. Carriers and service providers must enter solutions currently offered to the market, whilst vendors must submit entries already deployed by named operator partners.

Best Data Centre Exchange / Internet Exchange

The need to connect continues to grow as enterprise and business ecosystems become more complex. Content providers' traffic is growing explosively, ISPs connect with network providers, and more and more cloud services are consumed by enterprise.
We are looking for the DC or IX that best demonstrates a connectivity model that addresses the interconnectivity needs of its customers, suppliers, partners, and its customers' customers.

Best IoT Initiative

In a world where everyone and everything is or needs to be connected, there are endless opportunities to develop new solutions linking operators and enterprises through seamless global connectivity.
We are looking for service providers and vendors that are embracing API, platforms technologies and automation to enable rapid delivery of new products and development of new IoT-based business models. Entries should demonstrate working models that are providing real-world solutions to customers now.

Best Network Automation Initiative

Efficiency and agility are the watchwords of successful companies in the communications sector.
We are looking for the organisation that has most successfully integrated automation within their networking and services business model. Entries should demonstrate working customer models, connectivity breadth as well as solving complex networking problems.

Best Platform Initiative / CPaaS

In an ever more competitive wholesale market, success is increasingly driven by partnerships and the ability to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a new solution to market. At the core of this is your platform strategy.
This category is looking at use of an in-house or third-party platform, or from a platform provider and creating innovative service presentation and new customer services, solutions and applications.

Most Innovative Wholesaler

The ongoing success of any wholesaler means the constant need to innovate. This might mean new ways of delivering ecisting business propositions or evolving their business model to reflect the changing wholesale landscape with new products, solutions and customers.
The winner will demonstrate why they are the most innovative, and that innovation still delivers commercial success.

Business Transformation Initiative

Transformation means different things to different people, and involves different facets of the telecom business - data, security, CEM, routes to market etc.
We are looking for the entry that best demonstrates a transformation initiative that was clearly defined, expertly executed and has delivered outstanding results.

Best Regional Carrier

Traditional carrier or a carrier who has successfully revolutionised their business model, the key point here is that your offering is for a specific locality or region.
What makes you stand out from the crowd - new products, solutions, customers, or performance.

Best Global Carrier

Providing carrier services across the globe continues to be challenging yet rewarding with huge traffic growth and a more distributed eco-system.
The Best Global Carrier must operate on at least three continents and will be judged on the performance of their business, scope of offering and points of differentiation from the competition.

Channel Partnership of the Year

From horizontal to vertical eco-systems, it's all about partnerships now.
Tell us about a great partnership that you have set up, why you did it, who is involved and what has been achieved.

Best Enterprise Proposition

Selling to the enterprise is now commonplace amongst wholesalers, but it does demand a different relationship and understanding.
We are looking for the organisation that can best demonstrate an innovative approach to expanding the customer base and a proposition that understand the needs of the enterprise end user.

Best Cloud Service Provider

Today, business happens in the cloud, and every wholesaler offers connectivity solutions to cloud service providers, but who is the best Cloud Service Provider?
What makes their proposition outstanding, innovative, and the choice of the industry?

New Market Innovation

Evolving your business from the core is crucial to the future success of many wholesalers.
Have you led the way in a new sector such as content, gaming, or an industry vertical? Have you made headway into a buzzword technology such as AI or VR? We are looking for the company that is being most innovative in opening up a new business arena.



Last year's winners are listed below:

√  Best IPX Service Provider: Tata Communications

√  Best Messaging Initiative: HGC

√  Best Fraud Strategy: Deutsche Telekom

Best Data Centre Provider: Equinix

√  Best IoT Initiative: Tata Communications

√  Best Network Automation Initiative: BT

√  Best Platform Initiative: PCCW Global

√  Most Innovative Wholesaler: HGC

√  Best Wholesale Business Transformation: Bharti Airtel

√  Subsea Project of the Year: Telin

√  Wholesale Personality of the Year: Eric Cevis, Verizon

√  Best Wholesale Carrier (Regional): Telin

√  Best Wholesale Carrier (Global): Bharti Airtel