Sancho A. Mabborang | Regional Director, Department of Science and Technology, | Philippines

Sancho A. Mabborang, Regional Director, Department of Science and Technology,,

Born in December 23, 1968, he obtained his B.S. Civil Engineering degree from the Far Eastern University in 1991. He went on to pursue post-graduate studies in Belgium. From September 1994 to 
July 1995, he took his Complementary Studies in post-graduate in Belgium. He granted Cum Laude in MS Post-Harvest Engineering.  

He also had his training in Technology Needs Assessment from August – September 2003 at the Swinburne University, Australia, and Non-Destructive Testing Trainer’s Training in September 2006 in Seoul, South Korea. Dir. Mabborang also attended numerous trainings, seminars, conferences, workshops and short training courses from 1992 up to late last year. A number of those were attended by Dir. Mabborang abroad.  

Honors and awards include DOST 02 Employee of the Year, 2013, and Model DOST 02 Employee of the Year, 2012 for local awards; Outstanding PSTD – National Awardee, 2011, Philippine Quality Award (DOST 02), 2015  and Most Outstanding DOST Employee, 2015 for national awards; and MS Post-Harvest Engineering – Cum Laude, Leuven, Belgium in 1997 for international honors

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