Retail University Philippines, Tuesday 6 September 2016

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Retail University Philippines

A guide to effective retail merchandise planning and budgeting

A 45 minute workshop introducing you to the key considerations when planning and budgeting your merchandising strategy. The session will cover some commonly faced challenges and provide quick and easy tips to overcome issues before they arise, including a demonstration of how effective stock out and mark down management can transform your bottom line.
Retail University Philippines

Top tips for marketing your brick-and-mortar store in an online setting

A 45 minute workshop that will address some easy wins when planning and executing an effective online marketing strategy. The workshop will dive into the best ways to drive offline retail sales using online marketing, including driving online reviews, engaging brand promoters, monitoring and engaging via social media, harnessing mobile search advertising and much more.


Retail University Philippines

How to create great in-store experiences with next generation payments

A 45 minute workshop that will take a look at the impact that implementing mPOS, contactless payment terminals and more can have on customer experience. With the rise in mobile enabled payments, stores now have a range of non-cash options to choose from when designing the checkout process. This workshop will also demonstrate how moving from cash only can pass on real savings to your business.
Retail University Philippines

5 channels with which to provide “just-in-time” customer service

A 45 minute workshop that will explore five key channels with which to effectively assist customers as they move along the path to purchase. During the session you will learn how to best contact, engage with and assist customers via online chat, social media, email, phone and in-store. The core message will focused on the importance of providing assistance whenever and wherever the customer needs it.


Retail University Philippines

A guide to effective and data-driven supply chain management

A 45 minute workshop that explores the value of harnessing data to enable supply chain decision making. Over the course of the session you will learn how effective data collection and a good quality supply chain management system can generate significant savings through supporting daily decision making on complex matters like what to buy, when, how much and from where.
Retail University Philippines

The case for enabling click & collect functionality in-store

A 45 minute workshop that provides an introduction to click & collect and establishes the value that it can create through increased in-store spend and improved customer experiences. Over the workshop you will learn how to quickly implement a simple and effective click & collect programme. The session will also explore opportunities for click & collect based partnerships, increasing brand reach and creating mutual value.


Retail University Philippines

5 loyalty programme ideas which will drive retail customer retention

A 45 minute workshop which will provide key loyalty programme ideas which you can apply tomorrow to your retail business. Over the session you will learn the customer segments to reward, when to offer added services versus discounts, how to engage customers in your loyalty programme and how to track loyalty.
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