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Demonstrate thought-leadership and expertise at the dedicated conference theatres designed to address the hottest topics for the payments, banking, cards, retail and e-Commerce.


Mr Patrick Adhiatmadja, CEO, PT. Federal Karyatama (Federal Lubricants)

Deepak Agarwal, Senior Marketing & Application Manager, Banking & Identification Business, STMicroelectronics

Deepak Agarwal at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Hanifa Ambadar, CEO, Female Daily Network

Hanifa Ambadar at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Praveen Anupame, Group Director, E-Commerce, Swiss-Belhotel International

Ria Ariyanie, Co-Founder, CEO, Talklink

Ashish Arora, Business Development Manager, Anya Living

Ashish Arora at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Rinaldo Augusta, Chief Operating Officer, MatahariMall.com

Rinaldo Augusta at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Vijay Ayyar, General Manager, Bitx

Arnaud Bonzom, Director of Corporate Innovation, 500 Startups

Ankiti Bose, Co Founder and CEO, Zilingo

Michael Bradley, Chief Commercial Officer, Omise

Sylvia Cendrawan, Deputy Director, ICWA Indonesian Council on World Affairs & Trade Promotion Board

Sylvia Cendrawan at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Julien Chalte, Co Founder and Managing Director, Wear You Want

Olivier Crespin, Managing Director, DBS Bank Ltd

Marlissa Dessy, Chief Consultant, Indosight

Mr Mayank Dhingra, Co-founder, Betaout

Mr Mayank Dhingra at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Rama Dhonanto, Head of Operations & Co-Founder, Sportdeca.com

M Ahmad Djojosugito, Dr, Halmahera Surgery Hospital

Mohit Dubey, President, Cinemaxx

Mohit Dubey at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Dr Mulya E. Siregar, Deputy Commissioner of Banking Supervision (Sharia Banking),, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

Hans Ebenhahn, Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder, Nusatrip

Takeshi Ebihara, Founding General Partner, Rebright Partners

Bernhart Farras, Founder & CEO, Hartlogic

Matthew Faull, Vice President Information Technology, Swiss-Belhotel International

Mr Eril Firmansyah, Assistant Vice President of Electronic Banking Group for Branchless Banking Project, P.T. Bank Mandiri Persero Tbk

Debbie Goldingham, Head Of Marketing, Master Card Worldwide Asia/Pacific

Debbie Goldingham at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Duri Granziol, Co-CEO, Lazada Group

Duri Granziol at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Mr Adrian A Gunadi, Co-Founder & Chairman, Investree

Aulia Halimatussadiah, CEO, Kutukutubuku.com

Rica Handayani, Strategic Partner Manager, Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

David Hilman, Chief Operating Officer, Agung Sedayu Retail

Florian Holm, Co-CEO, Lazada Group

Florian Holm at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Ivan Hudyana, Director Ecommerce & CRM, Electric Solutions

Matthew Joseph Martin, CEO & Founder, Blossom Finance

Israel Keys, Chief Executive Officer, Bloomsolutions

Leo Koesmanto, Executive Director- Digital Banking, D.B.S. Indonesia

Iwan Kurniawan, Co-Founder, Modalku

Simon La Barrie, Founder & CEO, helpjess.com

Vivek Ladsariya, Head of Investments, Fenox Venture Capital

Philip Law, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, Global Business Development, Discover Financial Services

Sheong Perk Liew, Oracle Retail Global Business Unit Omni-Channel consultant, Oracle Indonesia (PT Oracle)

Subir Lohani, Chief Executive Officer, Carmudi

Joseph Lumban Gaol, Chief Digital Services Officer, Xl Axiata Tbk

Mr Nyoman Mahardika, Director - South Asia Supply Chain, Mead Johnson & Company

Kusumo Martanto, CEO, Blibli.com

Dessy Safitri Masri, Executive Director Cards & Payments, Bank U.O.B. Indonesia

Krishnan Menon, CEO, Fabelio

Mr Djamin Nainggolan, Senior Executive Vice President, Bank Danamon

Sanjayan Nair, Chief Executive Officer, OctaShop eRetail Services Pvt. Ltd.

Iza Noor, Deputy Director of e-Business for Education, Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications

Judy Ou, Special Assistant to President, BAORUH Electronic Co., Ltd.

Judy Ou at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Bhavin Patel, Group Omnichannel Director, Kanmo Retail Group

Hendry Pratama, Country Manager Indonesia, Dream Incubator Inc.

Sigit Prihatmoko, Head of Strategic Planning Group, Bank Negara Indonesia

Erlan Primansyah, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, PT Buqu Global

João Pedro Príncipe, Chief Operating Officer, Jualo

Rizkie Maulana Putra, Head Of E-Commerce Development, Samsung Electronics Indonesia

Rizkie Maulana Putra at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Fathema Rachmat, President Director, Pelini Hospital

Irzan Raditya, Founder, Yesboss

Mr Reagen Rahardjo, Strategic Analyst, H-Tech

Mr Reagen Rahardjo at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Ashiqur Rahman, Founder, Consultant, Digital Services & Innovation, GrameenPhone, Foodiez

Nagarajan Rangarajan, AVP, Citibank N.A

Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid, Co-Founder & CSFO, Bukalapak

S Ravi Kumar, Director - PT. MAP Ecom Adiperkasa, PT. MAP Ecom Adiperkasa

Ganesh Rengaswamy, Partner, Quona

Adi Rian, Chief Operating Officer, Genflix

Rudy Salahuddin, Deputy Minister For Creative Economy, Entrepreneurship, And Cooperative & SMEs Competitiveness, Coordinating Ministry For Econom, Government Of Indonesia

Akmal Saleem, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Maarij Capital

Akmal Saleem at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Andy Santoso, Chief Financial Officer, Hijup.com

Andy Santoso at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Andrew Senduk, Chief Revenue Officer, Orami

Allto Widyasta Setiabudi, VP Data Management, Elevenia

Samira Shihab, Chief Executive Officer, Tinkerlust

Marwazi Siagian, VP Acceptance, MasterCard

Patrick Steinbrenner, Former Regional Director, ZALORA Group

Patrick Steinbrenner at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Patrick Steinbrenner, Managing Director, APAC, Useinsider

Indra Suryadarma, Business Development Manager Indonesia, Infobip

Christian Sutardi, Co-Founder, Fabelio

Michelle Suteja, Head of Customer Success, Finaccel

Lis Sutijiati, Special Staff to the Minister for the Project Management, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (KOMINFO)

Mr Marcus Swanepoel, Co Founder, B.I.T.X.

Sugwantono Tanto, Director, Ciputra Sentra PT

Aileen Tanujaya, Head of Consumer Finance, Bank Anz Indonesia

David Tay, Transactional Retail Marketing Manager Retail Solutions Division, IOTG, Intel

Siannita Tjuwita, Co-founder & Head of User Acquisition, Yacademy

Siannita Tjuwita at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Vishal Tulsian, Director & CEO, PT Bank Amar Indonesia, Tunaiku

Dedianto Turnip, , P.T. Courts Retail Indonesia

Dedianto Turnip at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Harun Valjevac, Business Development Manager, Infobip

Harun Valjevac at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Zoran Vasiljev, Chief Strategy Officer, Axiata Digital

Lars Voedisch, Managing Director and Founder, PRecious Communications

Zihuan (Zwee) Wee, Founder, Savant Degrees

Dr Totok Hari Wibowo, Unit Head For Investment Promotion, Coordinating Ministry For Economic Affairs

Dr Totok Hari Wibowo at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Oktavianus Wirantha, GM Digital Payment & Online Commerce, Smartfren Telecom P.T.

David Worsdell, Marketing Director, Ultra Electronics Card Systems Magicard

David Worsdell at Cards & Payments Indonesia 2016

Arvid Yap, Director, Bdigital Indonesia

Roger Yuen, Founder & CEO, Clozette Pte Ltd

Darmawan Zaini, Chief Technology & Product Officer, Uangteman.Com






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