M Ahmad Djojosugito | Dr
Halmahera Surgery Hospital |

M Ahmad Djojosugito, Dr, Halmahera Surgery Hospital

Ahmad is a professor in Orthopaedic Surgery, Bandung Islamic University Faculty of Medicine. He was graduated from Faculty of Medicine University Indonesia as Medical Doctor (1966) and Orthopaedic Surgeon (1975) and PhD in Medical Science (1999). He also got Master of Hospital Administration from the University of the Philippines (1984) and Master of Business Administration, Maastricht Institue of Management (1992) Previous government assignment assigment : Director of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (Teaching hospital of University Indonesia) 1992 – 1999 and Director General of Medical care M.O.H Republic Indonesia (1999 – 2002). Previous professional assigment : President of the Indonesian Surgeons Association (1990 – 1993), President of the Indonesian Medical Association (1997 – 2000). He is the founder of Halmahera Healthcare Group, Bandung. Currently he is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Indonesian Surgical Hospital Association.

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